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21-Nov-2016 Poppy
At Dubai Rocks we aim to help create our customers special moments by being as flexible as possible as our customer Thomas (left) said in his review he left for us! ‘’Fergus was a great help and super communication from beginning to the end of the deal! Very flexible for delivery, he showed up in Dubai Airport at 1am to finish the deal, as I was flying via Dubai to Mauritius! Can highly recommend Dubai Rocks!’’ Any time of day is not a stretch for us especially when we are sent beautiful proposals like Thomas’s in Mauritius, worth it every time! :)
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Diamond Grading Certifications

17-Oct-2016 Poppy
When it comes to buying diamonds for most people the first time they are made aware of a diamond grading system is when they actually buy them, not before. These graded certifications are vital when buying a diamond, so which diamond grading institute is the most trusted? There are many institutes such as IGI, HRG, EGL and AGS however it is GIA (The Gemmological Institute of America) who have set the worldwide standards in diamond grading since 1931 and today still excels all other institutes in diamond grading. For example, when GIA grades a diamond as a D then the diamond is a D, when other institutes grade a D colour GIA may not consider the diamond a D as it may not be up to the standards as the GIA. This also stands with the other 3 of the 4c’s so it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the 4c’s prior to purchasing a diamond. When purchasing a diamond always ensure that you receive the diamond grading certificate just like the GIA certificate on the left. Each certificate has a unique number which corresponds with the laser inscription on the diamond. This is how you know your diamond has been sorted and graded ethically by GIA. At Dubai Rocks we only use GIA certified diamonds to guarantee the best diamonds to all of our customers.

How our customers create their own luxury jewellery...

16-Oct-2016 Admin
When choosing the perfect engagement ring every customer that comes to us is given the opportunity to create their own luxury jewellery at a wholesale price. This is what sets us apart from other diamond companies in Dubai. Most of our customers usually have something specific in mind so we ask them to bring in images of what they are looking for. If they don’t have something in mind we then bring in our luxury jewellery designer to sketch designs. Over on the left is an example of a beautiful engagement ring that one of our customers designed and created themselves. They chose a fancy pear shaped diamond with a double halo setting. A lot of these designs that are brought in are usually ones that customers have seen either online or from one of the larger diamond companies where the prices are high. The prices of larger companies is often off-putting for people as they think they can’t get their perfect engagement ring at a good price but that’s not true. Due to the tax free aspect of Dubai and access to thousands of GIA certified diamonds we are able to give our customers wholesale prices which makes the dream a reality.

Rachel Bradbury - Business Owner - London

03-Mar-2016 Admin
My husband and I purchased my engagement ring from Dubai Rocks after a lot of research both online and on the UK high street. The main reason for choosing Dubai Rocks was the price. We found the Dubai Rocks quotes significantly cheaper than the High Street in the UK AND the online prices of the big internet retailers such as Blue Nile. I was also encouraged that all of Dubai Rocks diamonds are GIA certified which ensures transparent quality as well as reassuring me on the moral front. The team at Dubai Rocks were fantastic at helping us understand everything we needed to know about buying diamonds and openly gave us websites to compare the price and product they offered so we knew we were getting a fantastic price.
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Marcus- Chartered Accountant Deloitte and Touche London

26-Jan-2016 Admin
I purchased my wifes engagement ring whilst visiting my brother who lives and works in Dubai. I looked around the Gold and Diamond Park, as well as some of the Malls, but found them confusing because of the number of different certificates on offer (HRD, IGI, IDL). Dubai rocks only stocks GIA certified diamonds which I subsequently found out is the trusted independent global benchmark when it comes to certificates. Great knowledge and customer service from the Dubai Rocks team resulted in me buying a fantastic rock and ring for my girlfriend. She said yes, the ring was valued at 3 times what I paid for it and I got a sun tan! Thank you Dubai Rocks!..."