Our Story

"Fergus proposed to his girlfriend, Susana, in Mexico on the 16th Sept 2006 with a 0.7ct uncertified rock – fortunately she said yes and they get married in Mexico one week later."

"London Underground - Susana, ‘loses’ her engagement ring on London underground and would have to wait 2 long years for it to be replaced"

"The happy couple move to Dubai late 2007 in search of, adventure, new opportunities, sunshine and tax free living"

"Susana gets her replacement ring - Fergus becomes friends with a local jeweler and saves enough money to buy Susana a replacement ring and diamond, this time a 0.9ct GIA certified diamond, and gives it to her on new years eve. "

"Dubai Rocks is born - Fergus checks the price he paid his friend, versus global online prices, and was amazed at the value to be had in Dubai – Dubai Rocks was born - selling tax free diamonds in Dubai!"

"2011 Dubai Rocks first customer - After a lot of hard work in setting up the business Dubai Rocks sells it’s first diamond to Ian Foulsham in May 2011 - Ian, on his way back to Singapore, from Africa, stopped in Dubai for 5 hours and collected his GIA certified 1.1 ct rock directly from the exchange. He immediately had it valued in Singapore for 70% more. – Picture of Ian Foulsham"

"2013 Dubai Rocks joins the Dubai Diamond Exchange – Dubai Rocks reputation, along with our loyal customer base, grows. This culminates in Dubai Rocks being accepted as a member company on the Dubai Diamond Exchange, a leading global diamond exchange facility, located in Almas Tower, part of the Dubai Freezone."