Dubai Rocks Moments


Brian - July 2018

22-Jul-2018    Admin
Overall, I had a very positive experience with Dubai Rocks. I spent around 3 months researching pear halo rings both in the UK and abroad. I came across Dubai Rocks on instagram and loved the photographs of the pear halos and the particular setting Dubai Rocks used. I messaged the company and I had a very quick response. I communicated with a staff member for around 1-2 months via whatsapp, and I was sent various diamond options with photographs and videos. I was never pressurised into making a decision or didnt feel uncomfortable about asking for more options. The staff member I was dealing with left the company and I was then contacted by Poppy who took over and sent me more options and gave good, honest advice. Poppy gave great advice on how to pay for the best value diamond and how each of the C’s affect each other and its appearance. I finally settled on a diamond I liked and paid a 10per cent deposit by credit card for it to be made. Within a week or so I was sent pictures and a video of the ring by Poppy via whatsapp. I loved the ring and then paid the remaining balance to have it shipped and delivered to the UK. The only note of caution I would give to people buying from UK is to make sure you account for the VAT in your budget as Dubai Rocks do not include this in their pricing when communicating with you nor do they make it explicit. When the ring arrived in the UK, Fedex contacted me and advised that the VAT had not been paid on the ring and they wouldn’t release it for delivery from customs until I paid it. This was a costly oversight. I eventually got the ring in time for going on holiday to Italy which I had booked in advance. The ring itself was outstanding when it arrived. The sparkle is something special and the band with the high setting is really impressive. Overall, the surprise VAT experience aside, I would definitely recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone looking for a high quality engagement ring and good customer service.''

Raluca - July 2018

18-Jul-2018    Admin
Dubai Rocks have exceeded my expectations, creating a wonderfully engagement set that I will treasure forever. Thank you Fergus for all the support and advice given during the design stages, it made this process seamless and memorable.

Maria - July 2018

06-Jul-2018    Admin
My Fiance and I took a trip to Dubai in early May, the sole intention being to purchase an engagement ring. Liam having proposed to me at the end of September 2017, seven weeks after meeting, we did not realise it was going to be so difficult to choose the engagement ring. After months of tooing and froing in Ireland and not finding what I wanted, I resorted to googling diamond suppliers in Dubai. Diamond Rocks jumped out at me from way up the list. I contacted Fergus and the service I received was second to none. He wanted my sale and did everything in his power to accommodate me and achieve complete satisfaction. Six weeks of communication back and forth ensued. The official engagement was going to take place in Dubai so everything had to be right. While both Liam and I would have liked the ring to be ready for collection upon.our arrival in Dubai, we physically wanted to choose the Diamond, before setting it into the ring. Fergus had said if I had a ring made up and it wasn't to my satisfaction, I wasn't compelled to buy, but he said I'll guarantee you won't be disappointed. After much deliberation, we decided to wait and choose the diamond when we met Fergus. I'd say I had to be one of the most indecisive and difficult clients Fergus had come across but the end result paid off. Having arrived in Dubai on Tuesday, 8th May 2018, the diamond was chosen by Thursday. To his amazement, Fergus could not believe Liam, my Fiances knowledge of diamonds and having studied the two before us....the decision was made. The normal turnaround to have a ring made is 7 to 10 days....Fergus delivered within 4 days...the day before we were due to fly home. The end result was stunning. A fabulous 1.2 carat diamond set in Platinum with 5 shoulder diamonds set into the band either side. Fergus was very patient and professional in his approach with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. While I may not have been in a bargaining position while choosing the diamond due to time constraints, Fergus certainly delivered as promised. Thank you Fergus for your time and effort put into making our engagement so special. The official engagement proposal took place at the top of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, the tallest building in the world.''

Kerry - July 2018

01-Jul-2018    Admin
We had been planning on getting a new engagement ring for a while. I checked local suppliers in the area & decided to go with Dubai Rocks as they were the only GIA registered in the region & they have beautiful, modern styles that I kept seeing on their Instagram account. I was checking their website for a flawless cushion cut & I found the exact one I was looking for. I emailed Fergus to check if it was available. He got back to straight away & found another diamond with even better proportions. We agreed on a simple, elegant, classic setting to showcase the diamond. When I collected the ring Fergus opened on his day off so I could collect it. I was slightly nervous as we had designed it via Whatsapp & was worried in case I didn’t like it. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the ring was absolutely perfect; I loved it as soon as I saw it & I couldn’t stop looking at it. If you’re looking to get an engagement ring I highly recommend Dubai Rocks, the service was fantastic & I absolutely love, love, love my ring. Thanks again!'

Sam- June 2018

15-Jun-2018    Admin
I was so impressed when using Dubai Rocks. From start to finish they were professional and there was no ‘hard sell’. I initially contacted them before travelling to Dubai and was able to discuss my requirements and talk options via WhatsApp. Upon arrival I met with Fergus and he gave me really open / honest views about the type of ring I wanted. My only small issue was that there are no physical rings / diamonds to look at. So you are speaking hypothetically about the look you require. There are videos of the exact rocks and their spec but as a complete amateur it is nice to actually see what you’re buying. We agreed on a ring and I paid my deposit. We then met two days later and I absolutely loved the ring. Upon return to the UK I had an independent valuation carried out and it was really impressive the value you get from buying outside the UK. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy.

Joe - June 2018

14-Jun-2018    Admin
Incredible service, looking to help and not up sell you anything, class act, super competitive pricing. Will recommend this service to anyone.''

Angelique - June 2018

12-Jun-2018    Admin
Was really pleased with the service provided. They were so patient with us and aimed to always ensure that we were getting best quality style fit and above all price. They took the time to educate on quality of the stone being purchased versus others which is a big help as if you are not in the business can be overwhelming. We were very proud and thankful to have had an honest person and company help us make a moment that will last us a lifetime a great memory! Thank you.

Daniel - June 2018

07-Jun-2018    Admin
Very satisfied with every aspect of my shopping experience here. The support was amazing and the products are stunning. I could not be any happier with the outcome and the support provided by the management. I Highly recommend this place to everyone. Thank you Dubai Rocks!

Farah - June 2018

06-Jun-2018    Admin
We bought my engagement ring from Dubai Rocks and had a great experience throughout the whole process. I went to their office twice and Fergus was very helpful and patient while I chose my ring setting. He also sent us many options of solitaire diamonds with their specs and certificates through whatsapp and was always available to answer our questions. The end result exceeded my expectations. My rings (diamond and matching band) were absolutely perfect!

Toshi - June 2018

05-Jun-2018    Admin
Fergus was very helpful and patient in going through the diamond choosing process with me. The ring was priced competitively against other diamond dealers. He kept following up on the proposal and ring to make sure that the size was the right one for my fiancee. Definitely recommend him to every one! #betterthancara

Elvin - June 2018

05-Jun-2018    Admin
Anyone looking for a great stone and a perfect service, should contact Fergus. He is extremely dedicated and goes the extra mile. What surprised me the most is his honesty in recommending the right stones and in keeping you away from lower quality products.

Mykhailo - June 2018

04-Jun-2018    Admin
Have proposed few weeks ago with a ring from Dubai Rocks. Can't praise enough the quality and the service received. You're not only getting a high qulity, GIA certified diamond of your choice (and there's plenty to chose from, which, of course goes along with an expert advice) in a lovely setting, but also a cheer up from Fergus personally, on a very nervous day right before the proposal. The entire process of choosing the diamond (which took for me a good couple of days) was supported by a daily communication with pictures, videos, recommendations and hints on which specifications deserve more attention, and all that without even a iota of intention to sell me the most expensive diamond, rather then the one which will actually match my needs in terms of quilty/price (which I have encountered a lot in other jewelries). Few days after the proposal I had to come back for two reasons- 1) to adjust the ring size (beleive my "ring-size measuring skills" are not that good??), 2) My girlfriend wanted to personally thank Fergus for such a stunning ring. It happened that my GF had a pendant from other jewelry which had a small diamond piece fallen out of it, so Fergus offered to fix it, and did it free of charge- small touch, that makes a huge difference! Having all that said, I would like to thank the entire Dubai Rocks team, and Fergus personally once again. You're doing a great work! I'm sure it was not the last time I was a client of yours??"

Rishad - May 2018

30-May-2018    Admin
Dubai Rocks are absolutely amazing. Fergus is extremely helpful and professional. They are definitely someone you can trust to do do the job right. On top of all that their rings are so beautiful and I could not be happier with them!"

Graeme - May 2018

30-May-2018    Admin
A friend of mine recommended Fergus after having a great experience previously. I was after a particular style and Fergus was exceptionally helpful in sourcing the exact design and diamond that I was after. The process was smooth, effortless and convenient. Fergus communicates on a personal level which made everything run like clockwork & removed the stress from a nerve-wrecking occasion. My girlfriend (now fiancé) absolutely loves the ring & couldn’t be happier. Massive thanks to Dubai Rocks for everything."

Anita - May 2018

26-May-2018    Admin
The purpose of our trip was to upgrade my wife’s diamond ring. But further investigations led us to Dubai Rocks, where not only did we save a vast amount of money, the service received from Fergus and information he presented was second to non. This meant that we did not have to trade in the Dubai Cut ring. As the cost of the new Tiffany set brilliant round in 18ct gold meant we could keep our Dubai Cut. Anita is delighted with her new diamond ring. We would highly recommend anyone seeking to source diamond jewellery to make contact with Fergus at Dubai Rocks before committing to a purchase. On our return to the UK we have had it valued for insurance purposes and it was substantially higher than what we paid. 5 star"

Daniel - May 2018

22-May-2018    Admin
5 star service with amazing knowledge to make that perfect ring. If you want a quality professional diamond then Dubai rocks is the place for you. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!"

Brett - May 2018

20-May-2018    Admin
Honest dealer, finds out what you want (size vs color vs clarity etc) and does his best to achieve your expectations. Very good value, would use again. Thanks!"

Sammy - May 2018

19-May-2018    Admin
Dubai Rocks defines the luxury service starting with the warm welcome to taking us through the Diamonds world to find us the rare specific stone that no other jeweler in Dubai managed to do so, not to mention Fergus’s consistency in follow ups and updates and making the impossible to achieve whether its a timelines or kind of stone / ring and budget. Fergus is the best jeweler in Dubai and I say it with full confidence after visiting easily 50 other reputed ones, Fergus is still marking 10/10. Highly recommended and thank you again Fergus and the team for everything."

Yousry - May 2018

13-May-2018    Admin
Amazing service, HIGHLY recommended! Fergus was really helpful, friendly and frank. From our first meeting he gave me a lot of useful informations which got me to make up my final decision and get what i have imagined for my special moment. Quality, service, prices, help, timings, all 5 stars! Im so happy and lucky that i've delt with you mate. Thanks!''

David - May 2018

13-May-2018    Admin
From start to finish, I was hugely impressed with the exceptional customer service provided by Dubai Rocks. Rather than being pressured into choosing from a small selection of diamonds held in stock (as was the case with the other jewellers I visited in Dubai), Fergus took the time to understand my exact requirements and then went out of his way to find numerous stones that perfectly matched my particular needs. He was extremely patient throughout the whole process, painstakingly helping me to create the perfect engagement ring for my fiance. It's since been independently valued in the UK at far more than it was purchased for, and I would happily recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone looking for a unique, custom-made engagement ring.''

Çraig - May 2018

11-May-2018    Admin
I bought my girlfriends engagement ring from Dubai Rocks. Had done some basic research in to the process before being recommended Dubai Rocks. I took the design that i liked the look of (very specific) and they guided me through the process showing patience of sending me different diamond options until landing on one that i felt completely comfortable with. When all the aspects of the ring were agreed upon, i was kept in the loop throughout and sent designs, videos to put me at ease. When i collected the ring I was very impressed but as not as much as my GF, and her friends and family! I priced up the same ring at various other places and they did not come close. Great value, service and most importantly product''

Shahab - April 2018

26-Apr-2018    Admin
Great service and delivery! Very happy with Fergus and co! Highly recommend to all! Shahab''

James - April 2018

23-Apr-2018    Admin
Honestly couldn't get a better service from Fergus and the team @ Dubai rocks, bought the engagement ring and our wedding bands through them and very happy with not only the service but the price and the quality. - If your not fussed around trapesing around Bur Dubai negotiating with a bunch of people generally trying to rip you off then give these guys a try. - 5 out of 5 - Great business, great service and a nice bloke to boot - James''

Katy - April 2018

21-Apr-2018    Admin
I love my beautiful engagement ring from Dubai Rocks. Thank you so much Fergus for guiding my fiance to finding the most perfect ring.''

Mike - April 2018

17-Apr-2018    Admin
Highly recommended - I ordered from New York and worked over phone / whatsapp to purchase a customizable diamond ring. Couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you guys!"

Damien - April 2018

15-Apr-2018    Admin
To be honest, I was a little bit dubious about buying an engagement ring 'abroad' and what to expect. Not only am I glad that I went ahead with it, I couldn't have picked a better Jeweller to make my investment with. From the start, Fergus was simply amazing - superb attention to detail. Most of all Dubai Rocks LISTEN TO WHAT YOU WANT! The process from start to finish was a pleasure and I would definitely (and will) do business with Fergus and his team again. The finished product is absolutely stunning. Thank you DR, you've made me (and more importantly my fiancee) very happy."

Michael - April 2018

14-Apr-2018    Admin
Fergus went above and beyond for me and I only knew him 2 days, I can’t thank him enough. Very honest about the service he provides and the value in what you get is exceptional. Decent banter as well. Thank you."

Tom - April 2018

12-Apr-2018    Admin
The service that Fergus provided was quite simply second to none. I bought an engagement ring from Dubai Rocks, a scary enough proposition in itself…… but I was also buying it while living in the UK and then collected the ring while on a work trip to Dubai having never seen it before and having paid the deposit in advance. This requires a certain amount of faith in Dubai Rocks and Fergus, which turned out to be well placed! I had a very specific design that I was looking for and by sending photos and descriptions to Fergus over Whatsapp we eventually came to the exact design I wanted. This was then perfectly created by Dubai Rocks in the ring itself. However, the thing that impressed me most about Fergus was the way in which he used his expertise to best advise you. I selected a diamond from his list of suppliers to be the main diamond in the ring. Fergus then informed me that this diamond was actually slightly cloudy in appearance, something which was not listed in the information. He then suggested another stone that was exactly the same spec and price but was a clear stone and not cloudy. This advice really allowed me to get the best diamond available in my range. I would instantly recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone and would return myself. As an added bonus, I had the ring valued in the UK for insurance purposes and was blown away by the valuation I was given…. It was significantly more than the price I paid at Dubai Rocks! The Guild of Values and Jewellers who officially valued the ring said that it was a ‘stunning piece of jewellery and beautifully crafted with clear attention to detail’. Needless to say…. my now fiancée loves it!"

Iain - April 2018

11-Apr-2018    Admin
We can't that Fergus and his team enough - from our first meeting we knew we were in safe hands and it was all about making us happy and giving us what we wanted. We will be back anytime we need something special. I cannot recommend Fergus highly enough!!"

Ricky - April 2018

11-Apr-2018    Admin
Fergus and Dubai Rocks rocks! I was recommended them by a friend and straight away Fergus walked me through the 4C’s and helped me get the best value for my budget, pick a ring that would best suit my girlfriends taste and sized it just be looking at a couple of pictures. Everything was perfect and my fiancée loves it. Can’t thank them enough."

Calin - April 2018

06-Apr-2018    Admin
Outstanding end to end experience!! Perfect service, great customer experience, quality work! I highly recommend this place if you want to buy jewelry or diamonds!! Poppy was amazing and helped me in all my decisions!! Thank you guys!!"

Billy - April 2018

03-Apr-2018    Admin
Had a brilliant experience with Dubai rocks and Fergus, customer service was excellent and helped guide me through the process to get exactly what I wanted but delivered to a higher standard than I could have hoped for!! Couldn't be happier!''

Alex - March 2018

29-Mar-2018    Admin
Extremely impressed with the level of service and advice from Fergus and Poppy. They listened to exactly what I was looking for without pushing me towards stock like I have experienced with some of the other jewelers. I felt the service was completely tailored and made the process enjoyable! Definitely would recommend speaking to Poppy or Fergus if you are looking to deal with genuine, GIA qualified diamond specialists.''

Nicholas - March 2018

18-Mar-2018    Admin
Fantastic service, I would thoroughly recommend Fergus and his team!''

Karim - March 2018

18-Mar-2018    Admin
Really glad we found Dubai Rocks. I wasn't expecting to find someone who would be as helpful and patient with the process as Fergus was. On our short visit we learned a lot about what to look for and what to expect to get out of our budget, (which at no point were we pressured to increase) and ended up getting exactly what we had in mind with no stress. I doubt we would have found someone as straightforward & trustworthy had we ventured down to the gold souk to shop around instead. Huge thanks to Fergus for putting us at ease and keeping things simple.''

Hatim - March 2018

15-Mar-2018    Admin
I approached Fergus with a relatively unique requirement, in return I was provided with a prompt and lucrative offer. Various options and ranges were provided to me for my ease of understanding, and the finalization of the process was very easy. The delivery was done in a proper and timely manner, and then we were very happy with the product provided to us. I have very appreciation for the Dubai Rocks team for their excellent service. I look forward to doing business with them in the future.''

Mark - March 2018

15-Mar-2018    Admin
At first i was hesitant to buy from Dubai Rocks compared to well known jewellery shops here in Dubai but after reading their reviews and meeting Fergus, I knew they were able to deliver what I wanted. I didn't expect finding a diamond ring would be so complicated. Good thing is Fergus helps you find the perfect one that would suit your budget. They also went the extra mile by meeting up and delivering the ring at my workplace. Not to mention my now fiance loves the ring saying its perfect! :)''

Danny - March 2018

13-Mar-2018    Admin
Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a very stressful ordeal. Fortunately for me I had Dubai Rocks on hand and it was a pleasure from the beginning. Fergus found me the perfect Diamond on a setting that has blown everyone that’s seen it away. Even other jewellers are left speechless. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough and I will be buying the wedding bands here too. If you are on the market for a diamond then look no further. Dubai Rocks have got your back.''

Eric - March 2018

05-Mar-2018    Admin
If you in a situation where you can't be in Dubai to purchase your ring, Dubai rocks will be with you 100% of the way with constant contact, any questions no matter what they are, Fergus will help you. If your going for a custom design,I can't recommend them enough!"

Claire - March 2018

04-Mar-2018    Admin
My boyfriend recently proposed with a beautiful ring from Dubai Rocks! It was a total surprise and I had no input but he boasts the service he received was second to none. Living in Ireland and communicating through emails and Whatsapp, Fergus was extremely helpful through the whole process in creating his vision from selecting the diamonds to the setting. Thank you so much Fergus and Poppy for helping Peter. I am love my ring and I hope we see you again sometime soon, maybe for the wedding bands!''

Faris - March 2018

01-Mar-2018    Admin
I had a very positive experience with Dubai Rocks. Even though my knowledge of diamonds was minimal, Fergus was kind enough to explain how the business and process worked. Their mix of professionalism and being personable at the same time was a major factor in contributing to my positive experience with them. The timeframe and delivery was excellent as well. I would highly recommend everyone check them out."

Lisa - February 2018

28-Feb-2018    Admin
I’ve followed Dubai Rocks online for a while now, but I was still nervous, buying a diamond online?! When I contacted Fergus I was immediately put at ease, I had the design (taken from Pinterest) just to find the stone ... Fergus sent me several options all within our budget, and when I was wracked with indecision he told me to follow my heart. Which I did. My marquee pendant was delivered on time and although I had seen videos and photos of the stone the real thing was so much better than I had imagined! No pushy salesman jobs, a price that wasn’t beaten when I contacted other jewellers in Dubai and a very personal but professional service. Fergus is even going to swap the chain for me when I next visit Dubai as that’s the only bit I’m a little unhappy with and that’s my personal fussiness !!! I would not hesitate to use or recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone.''

Martin and Monica - February 2018

28-Feb-2018    Admin
Dubai Rocks. I found Dubai Rocks by chance online and visited Fergus and the team at their office to discuss my plans for an engagement ring. I had spent many months planning a crazy homemade articulated design and was keen to show them. On meeting Fergus he was extremely patient and kind as he explained the errors in my design ideas and the way it would end up looking more like costume jewelry than a ring for my wife to be. Instead he took me though designs and stones until we ended up with a ring that on the day took my wife’s breath away! The quality of service and thoughtful design was as brilliant as the final diamond ring that Dubai Rocks produced. I am so very thankful to Dubai Rocks for making me a rock star to my wife and can vouch that if you need good quality help and something special for the big day, Dubai Rocks is the place to go. Thanks from Martin and Monica''

Ian - February 2018

28-Feb-2018    Admin
Fantastic service, great quality.... yes I would recommend.''

Jamie - February 2018

19-Feb-2018    Admin
Great service from Fergus / Dubai Rocks throughout the whole purchase of the ring for our engagement. Knowledgeable, responsive, efficient, reliable and gave great advice on diamond / ring - after service was perfect too as ring needed resized. Definitely recommend to others!!"

Ross - February 2018

15-Feb-2018    Admin
Great customer service from start to finish. Fergus was brilliant to deal with. Couldnt recommend highly enough!''

Jonathan - February 2018

14-Feb-2018    Admin
Great service from Fergus, he is very patient and reliable. He definitely created the perfect Christmas and 40th birthday present! We highly recommend Dubai Rocks.''

Arran - February Abbott

12-Feb-2018    Admin
All I can say is that Dubai Rocks, rocks literally! I highly recommend this wonderful jewellery business. From the very beginning when I sent an initial wattsapp message to the very end. Poppy’s help throughout the design process and finding the right diamond in my budget was very helpful and she was not pushy at all. Making tough decisions on the design and then on the 4c’s as a man is very challenging but Poppy was patient and attentive. I proposed in South Africa at the top of Table Mountain and my fiancée loved the ring which I design with Poppy. All I can say is a massive thanks and I will be back again to buy other bits in the future.''

Ana - February 2018

11-Feb-2018    Admin
Thanks to Dubai rocks team. I love my engagement ring!! Totally recommend them!"

Heath - February 2018

07-Feb-2018    Admin
Fantastic service and the end product was exceptional. The team at Dubai Rocks was very friendly and helpful and provided guidance and advice where is was required (and it was!). Even with a tight timeframe, the ring was finished early for me to collect. Dubai Rocks made a daunting process seem quite easy. Thanks!"

Rosita - February 2018

03-Feb-2018    Admin
It’s not the first nor last time that we will buy something from Fergus. My experience with Fergus started with an engagement ring. I loved my ring so it was an obvious choice where we will get our wedding bands. We spent quiet some time visiting local stores and browsing online until we had an idea of what our perfect wedding rings will look like. We met with Fergus, showed him some pictures, explained our design and seek his advice to create the perfect rings. In no time, we received our custom made bands traditional mixed with contemporary twists. On my end, I needed to resize the ring but Fergus was quick to do it in less than a day. Both of us received a lot of positive remarks about our rings. I would recommend Fergus to anyone who seeks custom made jewellery of high quality, excellent service and incomparable value for money ! My parents in law are going to be your next customers for my mothers in law 50th birthday. Thanks a lot Fergus for making special and unique our special dates and keep up the great work !!!"

Michael - February 2018

03-Feb-2018    Admin
Amazing experience dealing with Fergus at Dubai Rocks. I had been searching for an engagement ring for almost 6 months when a buddy of mine recommended Fergus and his team. Fergus took my concept and made it a reality. He met all timelines, and his communication was second to none. My Fiancee has been walking around with her hand in front of her face since she said yes. Dubai Rocks made this process totally stress free. I won't require another Engagement ring, but all of my future jewellery purchases will be from Dubai Rocks. Good old fashioned customer service."

Zaheeda - January 2017

31-Jan-2018    Admin
Excellent service and advice from Dubai rocks. Thank you Fergus for making it so easy to get the ring that I always wanted but never thought would own. The ring is loved by all that see it, as it has an excellent finish that is only possible with high end Jewellery but with a higher price tag than that offered by Dubai Rocks. I think Fergus makes high end more accessible to others and I will always shop here as it was like buying a ring from a friend rather than under pressure from a salesman. He is very passionate about the customer being happy before and after and possibly obsessed about making the product perfect! Thank you so much, wish I had discovered sooner though!"

Pedn - January 2018

28-Jan-2018    Admin
Fergus was amazing. He put us at ease from the very beginning...his consultation style was casual yet very confident and reassuring. He advised us on the size, cut, clarity, metal etc. One month into wearing the ring and we have no regrets. Thank you!!"

Joe - January 2018

26-Jan-2018    Admin
Really happy with the ring and service I got from Diamond Ricks. The insurance valuation was also a lovely surprise as the ring value ended up doubling what I paid for it."

Alison - January 2018

25-Jan-2018    Admin
After a bad experience buying online i was nervous about doing so again. Fergus understood this and was very patient with my endless questions and emails. He made a stunning ring that is exactly what I was hoping it would be (have had it verified locally) and at a price i couldn't get close to matching in Australia. And the shipping was easy and the whole deal went so smoothly. I cannot recommend Dubai Rocks enough and will be going back for a more significant purchase down the track. Thankyou so much Fergus!"

Chris - January 2018

24-Jan-2018    Admin
While there are plenty of jewelry stores in Dubai it is not that easy to choose a trustworthy jeweler, skilled in the art of gold smithing. When we needed a classic and elegant setting for a 3 carat stone the team at Dubai Rocks was up to the task. The result is a beautiful/stunning solitaire platinum ring. The team at Dubai Rocks went to great lengths to accommodate our request and paid great attention to details. A nice surprise was the signature diamond that was inserted into the inside of the ring"

Troy - January 2018

19-Jan-2018    Admin
For a complete novice like myself, new to diamonds and jewellery etc. I was a bit cautious as to where to go, who to speak to and what to look for. Having seen Dubai Rocks come up in searches, a friend mentioning them to me and having read their reviews, I dug a bit deeper into what they had on offer... Not only is there a massive range of diamonds (and ring options) to choose from, I was fortunate to have Fergus patiently help me with my tricky questions and literally be my 24/7 go-to-guy for advice. And the cherry on top was that there was zero sales pitch, just genuine, interested, impartial advice. I am pretty sure it is impossible to match the service I experienced but not just that, I shopped around and got prices elsewhere and no other options came anywhere close to the prices they offer. All in all, I owe you and your team a massive thank you! It was an absolute pleasure. My fiancée absolutly loves the ring. Keep up the good work."

Ayman - January 2018

16-Jan-2018    Admin
I am really impressed with the service here by Fergus and everyone at dubai rocks really professionals and the ring just looks fabulous exactly like i wanted it and those small details that makes the difference in the final look what impressed me the most, will definitely recommend to friends."

Cameron - January 2018

15-Jan-2018    Admin
I must say that i had a an amazing experience dealing with Poppy and Fergus from Dubai Rocks. After researching a number companies i decided on Dubai rocks and started working with Poppy to choose a stone and design. The whole experience was new to me and it was made more difficult as i was in Australia and communicated almost exclusively by txt and email. Poppy found me a diamond that met my requirements and they went out of their way to get a ring made in a tight timeframe. i also found the value great when compared to what i could have bought locally. Poppy even organised to have the ring dropped off to a friend who was flying to Australia the next day. Service overall was amazing. My partner adores the ring and everyone that has seen it thinks i did a great job picking and designing it, but the truth it its was all Poppy and i just took the credit! Thanks for making this all possible.''

Falisha - January 2018

14-Jan-2018    Admin
Fergus and his team were amazing! I already new the quality of diamond I wanted but I wasn't sure about the style. He was able to advise me (btw he was right on everything) and delivered on the short notice I given him. I was flying in to Dubai and I wanted the diamond sourced, and my ring done in less than 2 weeks. I paid a 10% retainer and viola - I got more than I could have asked for, best decision ever - oh yeah already back at the site to get a second ring to go with the first one!!!!''

Marius - January 2018

09-Jan-2018    Admin
Great website,best designs and exceptional customer service"

Antoine - January 2018

07-Jan-2018    Admin
First time bying a diamond and they found exactly what i wanted very quickly. Once we found it they delivered it very quickly to make sure i could have it for the D-day ? I got all the certificate i requested so i could be in a total confidence. I would no hesitation to recommend."

Jonathan - January 2018

07-Jan-2018    Admin
The ring I purchased is fantastic, great quality! Fergus is easily contactable and reliable! The ring was delivered earlier than expected also. Overall a very good experience and highly recommended!"

Simon - January 2018

06-Jan-2018    Admin
For ALL who are looking for that something SPECIAL and OUT of this WORLD!! Fergus continuously provided an deeply personal and bespoke service throughout the turmoil of designing the perfect ring for my fiance!! If you want individuality...then look no further!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING FERGUS AND FOR ASSISTANCE IN LONDON 3500 MILES AWAY!! Now that's I call International customer service!!!"

Tom - January 2018

04-Jan-2018    Admin
Dubai Rocks was a great experience at every stage. Genuine, easy to deal with, great service and a speedy turnaround means I’ll be recommending him for years to come."

David - January 2018

04-Jan-2018    Admin
Dubai Rocks and Fergus were brilliant in helping me choose the perfect engagement ring for my fiancee. They provided great guidance and assistance when it came to designing the ring. I also appreciated Fergus meeting me discreetly when it came to collection.The customer care and the quality is second to none!"

Tom - January 2018

03-Jan-2018    Admin
A first class service from Fergus, Dubai Rocks was the best value jeweler I found to buy an engagement ring in Dubai. Being an online store was not a problem, you can still visit in person and check over your ring before making the full payment. You will save loads of money compared to traditional retail store jewelers (including Dubai’s Gold souks and Diamond Park) or just end up spending that money saved on a higher quality ring that you thought was out of your budget :)"

Mirijana - January 2018

03-Jan-2018    Admin
Superb service, friendly attitude, great efficiency. Thank you Fergus!!!"

Clyde - January 2018

03-Jan-2018    Admin
While researching engagement rings in Dubai, I constantly saw "Dubai Rocks" appearing on every search and website. I now realize why...... because they are the best! At first I wondered if online jewelry shopping would work out. But I can tell you that you are in safe hands when you are dealing with Fergus. He is patient, funny and very understanding of what the customer is looking for. From the very time I got in touch with Fergus, he gave me great ideas for the diamond and the setting via Whatsapp. With other dealers there is barely any room to customize your ring. Here you get to customize the ring as much as you like, playing with many variables to get your preferred stone and setting. And Fergus is the man to help you with these decisions. Once I made the initial deposit, the work on the ring begins. Mine was delivered exactly the day it was promised. It was a wonderful experience dealing with Dubai Rocks. Fergus and his team do a fantastic job and I'd recommend it to all of you out there. Keep up the good work! Cheers!"

Mairead - December 2017

30-Dec-2017    Admin
I can’t thank Fergus and the team at Dubai rocks enough, for creating thee most beautiful engagement ring for me! ? My boyfriend picked the perfect ring all thanks to Fergus and his professional yet personal approach! I had no input whatsoever in the process as it was a total surprise, but i know that my boyfriend was put at ease and helped every step of the way by Fergus! The thousands of miles between Ireland and Dubai didn’t seem to get in the way of anything & I really can’t thank Fergus enough!? You’ve made me a very happy fiancé"

Ali - December 2017

23-Dec-2017    Admin
You want an engagement ring or a diamond ring, look no beyond then Dubai Rocks! The tone is set immediately when you talk to them. Fergus seems like someone you've known for years. They'll ask you your requirements and then give you the best advice even if that means you'll not buy the most expensive thing from them. All in all a 10 out of 10 experience!"

Linnea - December 2017

22-Dec-2017    Admin
I got the most beautiful rings, couldn't be more happy. They are exactly as specified, and to an unbeatable price! Fergus gave us the best service and we can truly recommend Dubai rocks!"

Tom - December 2017

21-Dec-2017    Admin
After being recommended by a few friends, I had my partners and my wedding rings made from design. Can’t fault the quality and professionalism, a real quality product!''

James - December 2017

13-Dec-2017    Admin
Just want to say a quick thankyou to Fergus for his assistance in this daunting process of picking the right engagement ring. Professionalism and knowledge was second to none and I would highly recommend his service to anyone!"

Tank - December 2017

10-Dec-2017    Admin
Thanks to Fergus and Dubai Rocks for making the tricky process of buying an engagement ring so easy. Great service and communication at all times and an amazing end product. My fiancé absolutely loves the ring and I would recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone who is thinking of popping the question."

Marc - December 2017

02-Dec-2017    Admin
After looking at various stores and failing to find a ring my better half would love I sent a message to Dubai Rocks via their website. I promptly received a reply from Fergus with a number of ring options matching what I was looking for. After putting down a deposit on a diamond Fergus informed me that it was rather milky when it arrived and suggested some better options. This confirmed that I’d came to the right place. It was pleasant to deal with Poppy and Fergus in this purchase and they really helped me decide on the right diamond and ring. Both of them went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect and even managed to deliver on a rather tight schedule over the holiday period. On top of this I also had a strange work schedule at times and both Poppy and Fergus went out their way to accommmodate me. The experience was personal and enjoyable. One happy customer here who would highly recommend ???? Thanks guys!''

Simon - December 2017

01-Dec-2017    Admin
A fantastic experience from start to finish. Poppy was superb, guiding me through the whole process from selecting the diamond to designing and producing the ring to an exact specification. My fiancé loves the ring and we will no doubt be back in touch in due course to pick up a matching wedding band! Thanks again to both Fergus and Poppy for all your help."

Jov - November 2017

30-Nov-2017    Admin
I was looking for a perfect diamond ring to commemorate our 6th year wedding anniversary, I came across Dubai Rocks based on blogs and google search being one of the best diamond retailers in Dubai. I was adamant at the beginning because jewelry purchases online is very untraditional, however out of curiosity I visited their website dubai rocks and signed up! (so I can get newsletters and information- I also had to inquire because I have no idea how it works). The day after I got a Whatsapp message from Fergus, he is amazing, it’s rare to come across people that are so humble and grateful with his clients, I salute his patience with me; I have had a lot of questions – and has been very open with business transaction, he even delivered the ring himself. Dealing with Dubai Rocks has been a smooth process and it’s more personalize than buying from a greatly commercialize jewelry store that will charge you three times the actual cost. If you have perfect piece of jewelry in mind- do a research and be serious about it because Dubai Rocks will definitely deliver J their diamonds are GIA certified which speaks quality, and their workmanship is very detailed, you only have to pay 10% of the price quoted to confirm the order and the rest can be done a day prior delivery. Thank you Dubai Rocks for my ‘dream ring’! I will definitely share the experience to my friends''

Luke - November 2017

29-Nov-2017    Admin
Excellent service and amzaing final product. I can not recommend Fergus enough for his level of diligence in answering all my needs and the fact it was all completed remotely is a testament to his proffesionalism. Very happy customers! Thank you''

David - November 2017

29-Nov-2017    Admin
Spoke to Fergus over Whatsapp message firstly and decided on a diamond and the ring. Every detail I was guided through. Was sent over a professional spec, mock up and price. Paid the balance and then picked up the ring when I visited Dubai! Absolutely professional throughout. Hopefully I don’t need to buy another engagement ring but if I do I will be coming here!!! Thanks for the help!"

Richard - November 2017

28-Nov-2017    Admin
A big thank you to the Team at Dubai rocks for helping me design the perfect engagement ring! They made the difficult task very easy and as a result the ring fits perfectly and she loves it ??"

Jon - November 2017

27-Nov-2017    Admin
I’m absolutely chuffed to bits with the service and my purchase from Dubai Rocks. Fergus has been very helpful and accommodating as well as producing me with the most perfect engagement ring. I can’t recommend or thank him enough! I will be making contact when wedding rings are required"

Reyjhie - November 2017

20-Nov-2017    Admin
If you’re on the lookout for the best engagement rings, then look no further. Dubai Rocks is the only British jeweller in UAE that has satisfied my beyond expectations and requirements. I've been to a number of online jewellery shops and physical stores in Gold Souk including malls searching for the perfect engagement ring for my now fiancé, but to no avail. I almost ended up buying in USA. Knowing UAE to have great deals, I did my further research and luckily I’ve stumbled upon Dubai Rocks and met Fergus. I approached him with a lot of questions, requests and even in a tight schedule. Yet Fergus happily attended all my queries and assisted me all throughout the process until I’ve finally found my perfect centre stone and custom-made setting. Finally the day has come that I was going to pick up the ring, I anxiously went inside the shop hoping nothing but a good outcome. Upon seeing the ring, I have never been so satisfied as a customer as I was then. I have just seen the most beautiful ring that, I believe, would perfectly suit my equally beautiful woman. Here’s the much awaited part. I decided to ask her the most important question in our lives on her very birthday, in no less than the place where I can perfectly see myself kneeling down before her and uttering the four life-changing words (Will you Marry Me?). As emotional as we were, she answered me this while crying - THE RING IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I couldn’t help myself but ask. Did she just say YES??? I bet you all know what’s her answer. Thank you Fergus for the smooth, easy and fast transaction considering the conditions given. Till next time bro!"

Jerome - November 2017

17-Nov-2017    Admin
Fergus, thanks so much for all you help, deeply appreciated! Background...We had spent a full day trawling thru the Gold & Diamond mall where we just felt like they were trying to push what ever was on their shelves at us and we just felt like we were being given the run around. Spoiled the experience completely... then I messaged Dubai Rocks that night and traded a few WhatsApp messages with Fergus and he listened and met him the next day at his office and he had sourced EXACTLY what we were looking for and at a better price than anyone at the mall had even mooted! Best touch was he kindly delivered the ring to our hotel in Abu Dhabi the next day. Good luck, you are a great communicator and have nice way about you! (My advice to others;dodge the mall... call Fergus first! (Even before you get to Dubai) - then maybe go to the mall, to validate what good value he is, and what a pain in the backside the mall is!) Cheers, Jerome & Emma!"

David - November 2017

17-Nov-2017    Admin
Couldn't recommend this company more! Stumbled across it online after speaking with a couple other companies, but from the second I started to speaking to Fergus James I knew I'd found the company to make the bespoke diamond engagement ring I desired! Fergus James was welcoming, knowledgeable, extremely pleasant but never hounded and pushed, and on top of that....knew how to deliver what I wanted, and at a price I was looking for. The whole experience was enjoyable. Giving ideas and explaining what ring style i wanted, to Fergus offering advice and ideas on everything. Buying a single diamond with this company, and then having a bespoke ring designed and made to show this diamond off at its best is what Dubai Rocks seem to do exceedingly well! And the value for money far exceeds any company in the UK as well as on UK high streets. What I received for my my money has exceeded all expectations, and to then offer this ring to my NOW fiancee was just an incredible thing. My fiancee is beyond elated and happy with her ring, literally wouldn't change a thing, and this is down to the quality that Fergus James offers & Dubai Rocks. From start to finish, I and my new fiancee could not be more proud of the ring that she will now have on her finger for the rest of her life!! To call it a stunning piece of jewellery is an understatement!! Thank you Fergus James, a superb service offered! I will be recommending this company. Best regards, DAVID AUSTEN"

Sherri - November 2017

12-Nov-2017    Admin
My husband bought me a new diamond ring for our 33 wedding anniversary & I’m so glad we used Dubai Rocks! Fergus was amazing!! We scheduled a meeting with him and he was wonderful in helping us pick out the “perfect” diamond & setting. The ring was ordered & delivered as promised. I couldn’t be happier with the ring and outstanding service! Thank you!!!"

Daniel - November 2017

08-Nov-2017    Admin
Our experience with Dubai Rocks was 10/10. Fergus was responsive, professional and guided us through the whole process, meeting us at our hotel to deliver the final product. The ring was perfect, and precisely to the specifications requested. We will be keeping Fergus as our jeweller for future jewellery pieces."

Dewi - October 2017

31-Oct-2017    Admin
Great rings at a great price!"

Dervla - October 2017

29-Oct-2017    Admin
Fergus helped us design the most beautiful ring!! I absolutely adore it and people comment on it all the time. The service was so easy and efficient. Fergus guided us through the process and the end result is incredible. Could not speak highly enough of Dubai Rocks!''

Akhil - October 2017

27-Oct-2017    Admin
First time dealing with Dubai Rocks and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well things worked out considering everything was done online. You can relax around Fergus as he is very friendly and easy to deal with. I told him my budget for the diamond ring and my requirement. He patiently explained the important features to look for in a diamond and we went through various combinations over a period of 2 days until I got the one I liked. Once the ring was finalized I made a small token deposit and the after two weeks my ring was ready and I made the final payment. There was no follow up done for anything at any point and my ring was ready 4 days before the agreed date. All in all I would like to say that the quality of service is excellent and the process is very smooth. I would highly recommend it to everyone."

Barnaby - October 2017

26-Oct-2017    Admin
A huge thanks to Fergus and everyone at Dubai Rocks for making what was a daunting prospect so easy. After coming highly recommended, Fergus made the whole process so simple and in just a few initial WhatsApp messages completely understood what ring I was looking for, while suggesting a variety of options in stone as well as band/design to suit budget and my requirements. Following a successful proposal (get in!), Fergus was kind enough to take an interest and ask how we got on as well as help us come back in and have the ring sized up to fit the fiancee's finger (she loves the ring) at no extra cost. In such a competitive, confusing market that is expensive and has so much riding on it emotionally, to find someone as helpful and personable as Fergus was a joy. I couldn't recommend Dubai Rocks enough. Thank you, guys.''

Lois - October 2017

26-Oct-2017    Admin
My fiancée bought me the most PERFECT ring!! 5 starts absolutely amazing and beautiful''

Vito - October 2017

26-Oct-2017    Admin
After wondering through number of jewellery stores in the malls I couldn't find what I was looking for and the salesmen seemed to keen to sell whatever they had in store without going into much details about the quality of the diamonds. I then turned to online search and came across Dubai Rocks. I have contacted Fergus for further help and immediately fell at ease. We discussed the diamond specifications I was looking at and advised and gave me few pointers what to look for without any pressure to buy. We then immediately agreed on the design and the diamond he has selected. Upon the completion Fergus even delivered it to Abu Dhabi personally himself which was a really professional and much appreciated approach. Needles to say my now fiance was all over the moon when she saw the ring as it met all the expectations. We got the size slightly wrong and Fergus was more than happy to resize it. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is so professional and I would highly recommend to look no further and call Fergus. Thank you again."

Ken - October 2017

22-Oct-2017    Admin
Thanks Fergus and Dubai Rocks - what a great service. From the easy and flexible initial meet through to the pick up when coming back through Dubai was hassle and stress free. Great quality, exactly what we wanted (although I still would have preferred a jetski but someone else did not think that was such a great engagement and wedding idea). Fergus and his team kept us informed and exchanged pictures via WhatsApp and kept us updated. Fantastic and would happily recommend the service, quality, value and follow up to others. All the best and thanks again Dubai Rocks and Fergus."

Peter - October 2017

18-Oct-2017    Admin
Amazing service, Fergus has so much experience in diamonds. I will never go to any other jewelry store. DUBAI ROCKS is my jewelry store!! Thank you Fergus''

Stefan - October 2017

18-Oct-2017    Admin
Excellent service from Fergus. I would highly recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone looking for a bespoke ring."

Çlinton - October 2017

17-Oct-2017    Admin
What an exceptional purchasing experience, I would go as far to say one of the best so far! Fergus was professional, extremely accommodating and on point with every piece of detail. He help me source and make a fabulous engagement ring. My lady is over the moon and wears it with pride everyday. Thank you Fergus for everything you've done for us. We highly recommend Dubai Rocks."

Cathrin - October 2017

14-Oct-2017    Admin
My fiancé recently proposed with a Dubai Rocks ring that he had custom made for me and I couldn't be happier with it! It was just what I'd always imagined and I'm informed that Fergus was extremely attentive and dedicated to get it just right, very patient with any changes of idea and he went above and beyond to make sure the ring was the perfect size for me. The ring gets complimented all the time and Richard doesn't like me to take it off! I can't recommend Dubai Rocks highly enough!''

Brianna - October 2017

05-Oct-2017    Admin
We can not thank Fergus enough for helping my partner design my stunning engagement ring and for working with me to make the most perfect mismatched wedding band! All from opposite sides of the world!"

Colin - October 2017

05-Oct-2017    Admin
Dubai Rocks is the company to use - they'll custom make any ring you want at a fair price. Fergus is a great guy to deal with; me and the missus both very happy."

John - October 2017

04-Oct-2017    Admin
I was searching high and low for an engagement ring for my fiancée, I had been to every mall in Abu Dhabi and never saw anything that caught my eye! Everything I saw felt very 'off the production line' but I wanted something unique, I cannot remember what I searched in google but I came across Dubai Rocks, I read all the reviews and decided to message Fergus and the team. The response was fantastic and I sent him the design I had in mind and in 2 weeks it was a finished product that exceeded me and Maria's expectations. Very impressed and will be asking Fergus for our wedding rings in a couple of months."

Buddy - October 2017

03-Oct-2017    Admin
Fergus provided a great service from start to finish. From helping with the design of the ring to the resizing after the proposal even collecting the ring from our hotel in the morning and personally delivering it back that night! Great service and have recommended him to friends who’ve already gotten in touch with him!"

Jeff - September 2017

26-Sep-2017    Admin
Had a great quality engagement ring made by Dubai Rocks (without my fiancee knowing). Fergus guided me through the different options & we looked at a number of different ring designs & diamond specifications before deciding on the final ring, which was created to my exact requirements. She loved the ring, and her friends all complimented me on how good it looked. I also found out what good value it was when we had a holiday to the UK and saw similar rings in the shop windows at double the price I had paid. Would highly recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone looking for the perfect ring."

Lisa - September 2017

25-Sep-2017    Admin
I could not recommend Dubai Rocks highly enough. I got engaged in July and was looking to purchase a good sized diamond without the Dublin price tag. I searched online for Jewellers in Dubai and Dubai Rocks came in as the most reputable. I was initially quite nervous because I was not going over to pick it but as soon as I spoke to Fergus I was confident that I was making the right choice. I explained what I was looking for, Fergus was able to send me videos and pictures of different diamonds sizes, cut, clarity etc. The day he sourced the diamond I was looking for, he sent me a video, it was perfect and a couple of days later he sent me a video of the finished product. I was thrilled. It arrived 3 days after I saw the video via Fedex and I was able to track it all the way. It is fabulous, I am delighted with it and I will be returning for my wedding band and diamond jewellery in years to come. "

Laura - September 2017

25-Sep-2017    Admin
My Fiancé came across Dubai rocks on Instagram last summer and designed me the perfect engagement ring after contacting fergus. It was so special that he had the ring made and proposed to me in Dubai. We were lucky enough to be in Dubai last week and also had our wedding rings made by Dubai rocks, the quality of the rings and level of service of this company are beyond 5*. After having my engagement ring valued back in the UK you realise how much more you get for your money. Don't hesitate to contact fergus and his team to design your perfect ring"

Graham - September 2017

24-Sep-2017    Admin
I would highly recommended Dubai Rocks to anyone looking for their perfect engagement ring. I came across their website as I was not conformable with the other jewelers looking for a quick sale. Poppy was extremely helpful guiding me through the process of selecting the diamond to delivery of the ring. The ring it self was slightly larger than anticipated but Dubai Rocks resized to the exact size very quickly. 7 star service!!"

Danny - September 2017

21-Sep-2017    Admin
I would definitely recommend Dubai Rocks. When Fergus took me through the process, I knew I was in good hands. He was very responsive and communication was excellent. There are an incredible amount of jewelers in Dubai so it can be a pretty daunting experience finding the right one. I am glad Dubai Rocks was recommended to me."

Barry - September 2017

21-Sep-2017    Admin
I stumbled across Dubai Rocks and Fergus by accident. I did what most novices do and headed for the gold and diamond park in search of an engagement ring without much of a clue what to expect. Luckily for me it wasn't open and Dubai Rocks was the first company that came up in my google search. I was sceptical and wary of rogue traders given that I was intending to part with a large about of money and I knew nothing about diamonds. After speaking with Fergus I immediately felt at ease and in a safe pair of hands. Fergus has an amazing knowledge of diamonds, listened intently to what I wanted and the final product was perfect. Both me and my new finance are delighted. Fergus has a laid back, personable approach and isn't at all pushy/ salesman like which is something I appreciated. I would recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone living in Dubai, visiting or living abroad looking for an engagement ring. Excellent service and value for money"

Zach - September 2017

14-Sep-2017    Admin
The task of finding a suitable engagement ring for my now fiancée initially seemed like a monumental task. The 4 Cs, budget, the right design, all of these things just seem to stack up in front of you, an infinite array of potential decisions standing between you and that perfect ring. On top of this, Dubai is swarming with jewellers eager to be the ones who make you their next hasty customer, snapping up a ring as quickly as one can be thrown at you, the less questions asked the better. Well all I can say is thank goodness for Dubai Rocks. It itself is a jewel in the desert, a ray of clarity in a sea of potential pitfalls and confusion. It was after reading good things online that I decided to hit Fergus (the owner) up and see if he could help me on my quest for that elusive ring. Within 24 hours, I was picked up from my hotel, shown several beautiful stones and completely clued up on the diamond essentials. While it was a big decision to make, and I didn't make it then and there, Fergus and his team just had the right approach. There was no pressure, everything felt tailored and bespoke, and Fergus or Poppy were there to chat on WhatsApp or over the phone at a moment's notice. Everything they did was geared around trying to find me the best GIA certified diamond possible and marrying it with the exact design I had in mind. I couldn't be happier with the result of these efforts; a classical, elegant and timeless ring that left my fiancée speechless when I finally proposed! While the quality, craftsmanship, and natural beauty of the ring speak for themselves, it's this reaction and that fact that a day doesn't go past without us or somebody else commenting on the ring that make me know I made the right decision by getting in touch with Fergus. By all means take a look around to get an idea of what you're looking for, but don't waste too much time. Head to Dubai Rocks and find something unique."

Elena - September 2017

14-Sep-2017    Admin
I want to thank Dubai Rocks for their great quality service and customer service that provided to my fiancé. I love love love my ring so much!!! Well done guys!"

Scott - September 2017

14-Sep-2017    Admin
Best in the business!! I'm sure for most guys looking for an engagement ring will find it a daunting task and not knowing where to start. I made the initial contact through their website and Fergus was quickly in contact giving me all the correct advise and only when I needed know step by step without overloading me with information or placing any pressure on me to make decisions. The communication was perfect especially as I arranged everything whilst I was away with work. The ring was amazing, I decided on a style I liked and added a few design inputs of my own. This was great knowing that we had a custom-made and unique ring. My fiancé loves the ring, can't stop talking about it. Everyone is admiring the ring, myself included!! Thank you Dubai Rocks for everything!!"

Roseanne - September 2017

14-Sep-2017    Admin
After months of searching and research my boyfriend came across Dubai rocks. He said the following "the level of customer service received by Fergus is 7* just like the Burj so it's very fitting that's he's based in Dubai. I went in with my own design and was talked through all my options with Fergus no matter what size the budget you have you're made to feel very special. The ring was made and I was updated on the progression, I couldn't believe how perfect it was. I left Dubai rocks with a feeling I was on cloud 9. The ring was beautiful, there has been nothing but positive comments from all the friends and family that have seen the ring. My girlfriend/fiancé had fallen in love with the ring and we won't hesitate to use Dubai Rocks again when it comes to buying the wedding rings. Fergus is a genius and a gentleman, look no further guys this is the place to buy your engagement rings."

Bojan - September 2017

14-Sep-2017    Admin
Having done the research of the engagement ring market, I chose Dubai Rocks. The service was fantastic - they were easy to contact, very responsive, informative and super efficient in providing me with the ring I wanted (without disrupting our holidays). They also had a wide selection of diamonds and rings to choose from and helped me in making the choice. I'd highly recommend Dubai Rocks for their professionalism, efficiency, strong customer focus and an exceptional product. Following up with me to see if she said 'yes' was also nice (personal) touch. (She loves the ring - thanks Fergus)"

David - September 2017

11-Sep-2017    Admin
Once I contacted Fergus at Dubai Rocks I didn't have to look anywhere else. He helped me choose the best ring and design for my partner and was helpful every step of the way. The quality of the diamond was exceptional. Would definitely recommend Dubai Rocks."

Robertita - September 2017

10-Sep-2017    Admin
When my husband proposed with this spectacular ring I was curious to know were he got the beautiful piece of art (which I get compliments on a daily basis). I had to get my ring resized and met Fergus for the first time and felt assured that we were doing business with a honest and reliable business man. After my husband did his homework for 6 months going from jeweller to jeweller and his frustration from meeting with dodgy jewellers trying to make an extra buck we were both happy that we met Fergus. He will not try to sell you something you don't want but will give you an honest opinion and advice as I discovered this when we got our wedding bands done. Fergus has our trust and we would highly recommend him if you want honesty, great quality of diamonds, excellent and prompt service....we won't work with any other jeweller. Thank you for everything Fergus."

April - September 2017

10-Sep-2017    Admin
My fiancé and I couldn't not boast enough about the service Fergus provided. We got both my engagement ring and our wedding bands made and sent to our little town Byron Bay Australia. Fergus was amazing to work with, quick with response times and has immaculate attention to detail. My husband ordered his wedding band 2 weeks out and got it within the 9 days which is un herd of even for an Australian jeweller. We could not recommend him enough to our friends."

Maria - September 2017

09-Sep-2017    Admin
Few months ago I visited the web site of Dubai Rocks and I was impressed with the services provided. I had the opportunity not only to design my own ring but also to see the actual cost. Fergus was very helpful from the beginning and was there to answer all my questions. I received my ring few days ago and I loved it. It was exactly what I wanted and asked for from Fergus. I would like to thanks once again Dubai Rocks and Fergus."

Jake - September 2017

08-Sep-2017    Admin
Awesome service and amazing rings!! Fergus made us exactly what we were after. Great communication through out the whole process over whatsapp and email. Extremely fast and secure postage to Australia to top off the experience Would definitely recommend."

Anton - September 2017

08-Sep-2017    Admin
5 stars are not enought. Perfect communication with lot of patience was unbelievable. Fergus toke care about everything and was really helfull and professional. And the ring how it looks and how its made.... simple perfect. You can ask for any advice or personal opinion about your demand and you get streight answer. And price was very good. Thx for great experience and beatifull ring."

Ben - September 2017

05-Sep-2017    Admin
Stunning quality and well priced. She was over the moon with the design. Service was right on point too."

Rafa - September 2017

04-Sep-2017    Admin
I got an eternity ring from Dubai Rocks. I was attended personally by its founder Fergus James, who made sure the entire experience went extremely smooth. He helped me to navigate across the huge selection of diamonds and styles they offer, and he helped me to found the perfect match within my budget. The ring was delivered before the promise date, and the final product was outstanding, my wife truly loved it!! If you are considering to buy a diamond ring, this is probably the best option you have, specially if you are based in the GCC (or UK) or you are planning to do a stop over in Dubai or London."

Pete - September 2017

04-Sep-2017    Admin
Dubai Rocks rocks! Fergus and his team made the complex and potentially confusing process of designing and buying a new (updated) engagement ring so easy! From the first conversation to the actual pick up, the experience and service was exceptional! The ring that Fergus helped me design - which was a surprise gift - is beyond amazing and my wife is delighted with it. 11/10 rating from me!"

Gasser - September 2017

04-Sep-2017    Admin
Fergus was really very supportive introducing the ring with the exact design I had in mind in no time and was very flexible in delivering it in my quick visit to Dubai (2 hours transit) Thanks for the stunning ring and more important the great service."

Kamran - August 2017

24-Aug-2017    Admin
Was kind of in a rush to get a ring whilst in Dubai to get a ring whilst in Dubai and had seen good reviews about this place. I had already spoken to a few shops in the souks however was left quite confused about what I should and shouldn't be getting! Once I met fergus I knew that I wanted to get the ring from him, very knowledgeable, very friendly and an overall top bloke. He made the most amazing ring and delivered to us within 72 hours. Would only deal with dubai rocks the next time I wanted a diamond! Thank you!!"

Nadeem - August 2017

24-Aug-2017    Admin
Dubai rocks is the best place to get your diamond especially if you are in the UAE. Fergus was extremely helpful and guided me throughout the whole process. He was accommodating and sent me a lot of options to choose from. Once the diamond was here, he sent me pictures and kept me updated on the whole process. I do recommend Dubai Rocks without reserve. Thanks Fergus"

Simon - August 2017

24-Aug-2017    Admin
I used Dubai Rocks recently to purchase an engagement ring. Fergus and Poppy were knowledgeable and seemingly had endless patience with my constant questions and changes of mind! Communication was excellent, and they always came back to me straight away. After Dubai Rocks gave me details on around 20 diamonds, I decided on a beautiful round diamond on an engraved six-prong ring. Since giving it to my now fiance, she has been told non-stop how amazing the ring is! She couldn't be happier with the choice and I thank Dubai Rocks for all their help."

Keren - August 2017

23-Aug-2017    Admin
I can't rate Dubai Rocks highly enough. Fergus was at my service every step of the day and no ask or question was too big or too small. The end to end purchase was nothing short of the best service I have had. I chose Dubai Rocks because they clearly showed the pricing and quality of their diamond database and gave me the flexibility to modify the engagement ring I was looking for. Fergus was on WhatsApp at most times of day and kept me updated on the progress. He delivered it personally to my hotel and even arranged for resizing and collected and delivered the ring back the next morning. If you are looking for service, quality, design and value then I recommend Dubai Rocks."

Van - August 2017

21-Aug-2017    Admin
We stumbled across 'Dubai Rocks' whilst researching online diamond purchasing. Still a little sceptical, we initiated contact with the owner, Fergus, who responded immediately with options to communicate with him given that we don't live in Dubai and had a time difference to consider too. Fergus is reassuring, prompt with responses to any questions we had, he is an expert in his field and he was considerate of the challenges a prospective buyer may face. He was friendly, patient and very committed to ensuring that we were completely satisfied with the end product. We have a beautiful piece of jewellery as our end product which we are extremely happy with. From design to conception Fergus is completely dedicated and available. We have received excellent customer service and cannot recommend Fergus highly enough!"

Scott - August 2017

19-Aug-2017    Admin
Fantastic, personalised service. Fergus really went the extra mile spending ages answering all my questions to help me understand diamond specifications, pick the right one and then design the perfect setting. My fiancé was over the moon. Also excellent value. Thanks again!"

Bethany - August 2017

16-Aug-2017    Admin
Really great service, lovely jewellery and a total pleasure to deal with. I strongly recommend Dubai Rocks!"

Richard - August 2017

15-Aug-2017    Admin
Fergus is very helpful from beginning to the end, even if you do change your mind and designs a number of times until your happy! We are over the moon with the finished piece! That's Dubai really does Rocks!''

Colin - August 2017

15-Aug-2017    Admin
Amazing service! My now fiancee is very happy"

Kay - August 2017

14-Aug-2017    Admin
My fiancé and I (from London) found the perfect ring in Australia, however it didn't come with a GIA certificate and we were a bit nervous spending so much money on something that may not be genuine. My friends put me in touch with Fergus from Dubai Rocks. We went back and forth on whatsapp and emails, I sent pictures and described exactly what we wanted. Fergus was great and my sparkly ring was ready in no time. I picked it up yesterday and it's 100 times more beautiful than the original we found. I can't stop staring at it! Thank you Fergus, we will be back for the wedding bands!''

Kenneth - August 2017

13-Aug-2017    Admin
What a very pleasant and wonderful experience I've had with the Dubai Rocks team. I was a little worried at first but after Poppy sent me pictures of the ring, i was very much overwhelmed. Poppy helped me every step of the way and definitely got more than I expected. Awesome team, awesome experience! Very highly recommended. Me and my now fiancé couldn't be happier. We will forever be grateful! Cheers! - Kenneth''

John - August 2017

08-Aug-2017    Admin
I fully recommend Dubai Rocks, Fergus and Poppy went above and beyond to help me whilst choosing a Ring, and were always happy to provide advice at anytime outside working hours, Poppy even drove to the airport late at night to drop off my Ring due to my travel plans passing through Dubai for a short period. An excellent hassle free service and a fantastic Ring was designed by Fergus.''

Mia - August 2017

08-Aug-2017    Admin
Can't say enough about Dubai Rocks. Go see Fergus (at DR) who is super professional, amiable, accommodating, and expeditious. We bought an emerald cut engagement ring (w/side baguettes) first in Nov '16; it came out exactly as specified (modeled after the Harry Winston design and w/o the HW price), is beautiful and importantly GIA certified. Came back for a wedding band in Jul '17 and again, exactly what we wanted. We asked for a pretty aggressive turnaround time in both instances and Fergus got it done. DR's trademark small diamond on each band is also such a nice touch! Thanks Fergus and DR!''

Melanie - August 2017

07-Aug-2017    Admin
Just received my fab ring from Fergus of Dubai Rocks.... I asked him to make me a copy of a ring I'd bought from a high street retailer but I wanted the real thing - gold and diamonds... I sent him some photos and received my ring within 10 days of initial contact. This is the second time I've commissioned Dubai Rocks and they never fail to deliver! 10/10 for customer service, quality and price.''

Maria - August 2017

07-Aug-2017    Admin
Dubai Rocks' service was faultless-professional, responsive, quick and well priced! Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to using them again!''

Rafal - August 2017

04-Aug-2017    Admin
Generally speaking, I am not the type of person who writes online reviews but service and product quality provided by Fergus and his team were beyond exceptional hence could not go without sharing. I initially contacted Fergus on the weekend about the engagement ring but despite that he was happy to speak with me and attentive to my requirements. Even though I forgot to take my girlfriends ring size, Fergus committed to design it based on a picture. Small resizing needed to be done but was completed within a day! Moreover, I had a special request for a proposal box that Fergus personally delivered to my office within 2 hours. During the entire process communication was superb and efficient. My fiancé appreciated the custom tailored approach and the feeling of uniqueness that the ring was made specifically for her, she loved it !!! Thanks Rafal''

Binderpal - August 2017

04-Aug-2017    Admin
I have been nothing but impressed by the service I've received by Dubai Rocks from start to finish. They assisted me in creating the perfect engagement ring that my partner wished for within a budget that suited me, and were informative and professional throughout. With step by step advice and upfront fees, I would happily recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone considering the purchase of an engagement ring or any item of jewellery!"

Matt - August 2017

02-Aug-2017    Admin
Poppy (marketing manager) looked after me from start to finish. Her knowledge and professionalism was first class. Made it all very easy for me. Would definitely recommend to anyone contemplating purchasing jewellery and diamonds from Dubai Rocks.''

Stefano - August 2017

01-Aug-2017    Admin
Fergus is a great guy, knowledgeable, patient, and very professional! I can only recommend him! Thank you!''

Nitro - August 2017

01-Aug-2017    Admin
I got a great birthday gift for my wife at a very good price. Quality is great and was done really quickly. She loves it! Highly recommended.''

Tony - July 2017

28-Jul-2017    Admin
We couldn't be happier with Dubai Rocks and Fergus. It was our first time buying jewellery overseas and Fergus made the whole process so easy. The rings turned out exactly like we wanted. Nothing was too hard and Fergus replied to my messages fast. Thanks Fergus we will be in touch soon with our next purchase. ''

Bekka - July 2017

27-Jul-2017    Admin
It was such a pleasure working with Fergus on our rings! He created a masterpiece that is perfect! Thank you!!!!''

Mike - July 2017

22-Jul-2017    Admin
Once again Fergus and his team have created an amazing product.''

Erin - July 2017

21-Jul-2017    Admin
After looking long and hard for wedding bands for myself and my husband in Oman, a friend recommended that I have a chat to Fergus across the border in Dubai. Living in Oman, we went through the entire process from afar but that had no impact on the level of service. From beginning to end, Dubai Rocks exemplified excellent customer experience. Fergus was available constantly on whatsapp to answer any query at any time of the day or night. He designed a wedding band for me that fits perfectly with my engagement ring, both in terms size and style. He also created (at very short notice) a black coated platinum band for my husband that looks absolutely beautiful. We couldn't be happier and recommend Dubai Rocks for anyone looking for high quality, custom-made rings in Oman and Dubai.''

Tony - July 2017

20-Jul-2017    Admin
I have recently used Dubai Rocks for the second time as well as recommending them to friends who have also used them. Always such a professional and friendly service from Fergus and they are always highly complimented by friends that have also purchased from them. Such trustworthy and reliable company.''

Nicholas - July 2017

19-Jul-2017    Admin
Late last year I organised the diamond for my (now) fiance's engagement ring through Dubai Rocks. I was a little skeptical at first, buying something over the internet, but am extremely happy I decided to go through Dubai Rocks. Compared to the prices in Australia, it was hugely more affordable given the lack of luxury tax, import tax and GST. And most importantly, the quality was spectacular, the jeweler who made the ring in Australia was blown away by it as was my partner. I 100% recommend them, really easy going staff who made the whole payment and pickup process super easy. Great business!''

Japneet - July 2017

12-Jul-2017    Admin
I can't recommend Dubai Rocks highly enough. My requirements for an engagement ring were very specific so it was difficult finding somebody to fulfil my expectations. After doing some research I was put in touch with Fergus and the rest is history! Throughout the design and manufacturing process I was consulted and given updates and photos, with any required changes being implemented with minimum fuss. I was impressed with how accurately my drawings were followed! Fergus certainly knows his rocks and the workmanship is of the highest standard, the compliments we receive on the ring never stop. We've been customers for 3 years and have recommended Dubai Rocks to several friends and family members.''

Myles - July 2017

11-Jul-2017    Admin
Having spent a long time researching where to get an engagement ring from, I found Dubai Rocks. Fergus helped by giving me great advise and guidance whilst choosing the diamond as well as the setting. A real personal experience from start to finish.''

Roj - July 2017

08-Jul-2017    Admin
Fergus made my engagement ring and I honestly think it's the best ring in the world. Fergus is super responsive and put up with all of my badgering and altering during the design process, and he went out of his way to make sure I received it safely. I love it so much that I went back to him for more. Can't beat Dubai Rocks for service or value.''

Alejandro - July 2017

06-Jul-2017    Admin
Excellent customer service experience. He helped me all the way and adapted to my work schedule. I sincerely recommend Dubai Rocks to find the diamond you are looking for.''

John - July 2016

06-Jul-2017    Admin
A simple online search for a reputable diamond jeweller in the UAE will yield many references to Dubai Rocks, and we echo the sentiments of so many other positive reviews found online in saying that our purchase could not have been more satisfying in terms of efficiency, quality of advice, and value for money. We were not sure of a design to begin with but Fergus was meticulous in determining our preferences and patient with us changing our minds. We found him to be trustworthy and highly efficient with his communication. We are extremely happy with the outcome, both in terms of Fergus' service and the product itself. We would not hesitate in recommending Dubai Rocks in catering for your needs in a diamond ring. Thank you again Fergus. J and H"

Daniel - July 2017

03-Jul-2017    Admin
Had such an awesome experience dealing with Dubai rocks and working personally with Fergus! From figuring out what stone I wanted, to getting the perfect setting, they made it such an easy process. Highly recommended!''

Vahid - July 2017

02-Jul-2017    Admin
"My fiancé and I always had a vision of what her engagement ring would look like, although it is a very unique and intricate design, that a few other designers were unable to and actually unwilling to do, mainly because they didn't believe it was possible. After a lot of research I finally came across the services of Dubai Rocks. Not only were they very accommodating to my requests, they were also extremely patient while working with me through the design requirements, that took a few days. They were very professional and always available when I needed their help. Of course, being that it was my first time getting engaged, they were also very patient with walking me through the meticulous process of selecting the perfect diamond, where I initially I didn't know where to start. We were so happy with their services that we also have decided to have them do our wedding bands as well. I highly recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone planning to pop that big question to their significant other." Vahid "I have always known how I would like my engagement ring to be. I wanted it to be unique, timeless but contemporary. However, I was told by another jeweller it just wouldn't be possible, I had lost hope. Dubai rocks made my dream ring a reality, making the "impossible" possible without compromise." Emily''

TJ - June 2017

16-Jun-2017    Admin
Brilliant experience. Easy to use website and friendly people to deal with. The ring needed resizing, which they did within 48hrs. Would recommend''

Ben - June 2017

14-Jun-2017    Admin
Exceptional service and consultation to choose an amazing diamond and final design. Refreshingly friendly, upfront and no nonsense approach from the Don of Diamonds , The King of Bling that is Fergus Everyone raving about the ring ...including my fiancé (Phew)''

Joshua - June 2017

12-Jun-2017    Admin
When i first started looking for a rock, I had no clue of where to start, and had no experience in how to pick out the perfect diamond. Then a friend introduced me to Fergus and it was truly an exhilarating and amazing experience. In a matter of 3 weeks I got a crash course on what was what and moreover he gave some direction into what options I had that was within my budget. When I compared his offers to the local market nothing came close to the price he was offering. The online market as well was competitive but lacked the personal touch and feel of sitting down and getting a custom made ring. I'm truly in awe of his entire franchise and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Fergus she loved it!''

Christina - June 2017

05-Jun-2017    Admin
I'm in love with my engagement ring and my 5 stone wedding band. Thank you Dubai Rocks for making my diamond dream come true.''

Ian - June 2017

04-Jun-2017    Admin
Just wanted to thank Fergus and his team. I wasn't sure about buying such a big purchase over the internet but rest assured I have never received better service levels and advice ever before. After my enquiry Fergus made contact and his advice was second to none. There was never any pressure and nothing was to much trouble. The end result was so much better than I could have wished for and my fiancée is so in love with her ring. Thanks Fergus I will never go anywhere else. 10/10''

Antony - June 2017

01-Jun-2017    Admin
From start to finish Fergus and Dubai rocks were amazing! Taking time to guide me through options with no pressure and the final outcome was more than I ever expected! My endless questions were never a problem and every aspect of the service was top quality. After a long search, Fergus was by far the most genuine and trustworthy jeweller I had spoken too. His knowledge and advice are exceptional. We absolutely love our beautiful engagement ring and without question will be using Dubai Rocks in the future. Thank you very much''

Ekaterina - May 2017

25-May-2017    Admin
Dubai Rocks is an amazing shop. Fergus who runs it couldn't be more helpful. You can tell that he is truly passionate about what he's doing and he is good at taking care of his customers by providing them with top quality gem stones and absolutely impeccable, fast and friendly customer service. His team also manged to make a piece of art out of the diamond I bought. I strongly recommend you to check-or Fergus's shop if you consider buying something very special.''

Kasia - May 2017

22-May-2017    Admin
I was looking for a replacement of my lost engagement ring and going to Dubai Rocks was the right choice. Fergus provides professional service with a personal touch. My ring is a beauty for a price I could not find anywhere in Dubai! Go and check it out, you will not regret!''

Americo - May 2017

20-May-2017    Admin
Awesome Service, great advice and excellent prices. My custom ring design and matching band exceeded my expectations and my fiancée, family and friends love it!''

Lucy - May 2017

20-May-2017    Admin
Fantastic experience! Dubai Rocks made both my engagement ring and wedding band, and they were both perfect. The team were super helpful and made designing the rings remotely very easy. I'd definitely recommend them!''

Cecilia - May 2017

17-May-2017    Admin
Just received my beautiful 7 stone diamond ring and its absolutely stunning.Thank you Dubai Rocks team for you excellent customer service and high quality ring .My mum would be very happy. Ceci

Jonathan - May 2017

14-May-2017    Admin
I don't normally write reviews but this time I had to for Dubai Rocks, Fergus and the team there have been fantastic!! I contacted Fergus along with various other companies on the basis that I was coming over from the UK and wanted to purchase an engagement ring, almost right from the start it was decided to go with Dubai Rocks as Fergus gave that touch of personalisation and it carried right through to the very end. We had a few changes of ideas at the start and then some ring size fitting problems later, but Dubai Rocks exceeded expectations and sorted everything out. I can only but highly recommend Dubai Rocks. Excellent jobs guys and thanks again.''

Ursula - May 2017

08-May-2017    Admin
I recently looked into getting jewelry from Dubai and sent to Australia , with little knowledge of if it would be worth my while..... I have previously been to Dubai and used another jeweler who I was happy with but decided to keep my options open and see what was around..... I came across Dubai rocks online and put a customer inquire through there website detailing what I was looking for. Poppy contacted me that day but phone, I was so surprised.... from our first discussion through till I received the jewelry Poppy went above and beyond ensuing that every questions was answered...... the price and quality I received was fantastic and the service was exceptional.... Poppy would answer msg and enquirers on her days off and after hours, due to the time difference between Australia and Dubai this meant that she was always addressing my enquirers outside her work hours. This was not a problem for her and she was thorough with her responses.... Poppy and the team at Dubai Rocks were able to come to a fantastic price and answer all my questions, no matter how silly they were. Poppy has an exceptional knowledge of diamonds and helped me through the whole experience. On delivery Poppy was happy to meet a family member at the airport late at night to ensure the jewelry was received whilst in transit.... I am so grateful for the service and quality of Dubai Rocks and Poppy and would definitely use them again.'' Ursula Portolesi, Australia

Ewan - May 2017

07-May-2017    Admin
Honestly can't recommend Dubai Rocks highly enough. I took on the daunting task of designing my fiancé's ring myself. From my initial enquiry email - the customer service, advice and support from Fergus has been nothing short of incredible, exceeding expectations in every department. I have no doubt that Fergus regularly deals with clients with far greater purchase prices than mine - however he made me feel like a VIP customer regardless. He was contactable throughout the entire process from start to finish; answering any questions and providing advice/recommendations almost immediately. An absolute pleasure to work with. To see the ring in person for the first time was jaw dropping and thankfully my fiancé absolutely loves it. The night of the proposal, Fergus text to congratulate us - a lovely touch. I mentioned that the ring was slightly on the large side, and as we were heading home the following morning I asked if it was easy enough to resize back home. Fergus's response blew me away, and sums up how customer service focused he is.... Fergus personally collected the ring from us at our hotel at 9:30am the following morning and had it resized and returned personally to us within 2 hours prior to our 12:00 checkout ! Fantastic service and an incredible looking engagement ring! Thank you Fergus and Dubai Rocks.''

Mihovil - May 2017

03-May-2017    Admin
Thank you Fergus, she said YESSSS!''

Adrian - April 2017

30-Apr-2017    Admin
Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service from Fergus and the whole of the Dubai Rocks team. Fergus really gave me great advice when it came to designing the ring and selecting the best diamond for my budget. My fiancee could not have been happier with the ring and I will definitely be recommending Dubai Rocks to all of my friends and family.''

Nikos - April 2017

27-Apr-2017    Admin
Awesome quality and reliable people! Definitely recommended! Thanks Fergus and Poppy.''

Amin - April 2017

24-Apr-2017    Admin
Fergus and the team at Dubai Rocks represent the absolute pinnacle of customer service. If you're in the market for a diamond ring (or any ring for that matter), take it from me and don't waste time looking any further. Fergus will take his time to understand what it is your looking for, the timeline you're working with and the budget you've set to give you exactly what you're looking for. He truly went above and beyond on more than one occasion to satisfy my constantly changing request.. And my fiance could not be any happier with the result!''

Aisling - April 2017

23-Apr-2017    Admin
We can't recommend Dubai Rocks highly enough! Fergus has been fantastic throughout and helped us get the ring we could only dream of. No task was ever a problem and he was always available if we needed him, he's a great guy and so trustworthy- use Dubai Rocks!''

Bec - April 2017

18-Apr-2017    Admin
Absolutely love my engagement ring ! The design was perfectly recreated, my fiancé had an easy, friendly experience dealing with the staff here. Would recommend to anyone!''

Sharon - April 2017

16-Apr-2017    Admin
I approached Dubai Rocks with an idea for a vintage ring, but was unsure of exactly what I wanted. I am very grateful for Fergus’s time, ideas and suggestions which were an integral part of the decision making and creation process. I now have a ring so unique and beautiful that I know would not have been possible anywhere else in Dubai. I absolutely love it!''

Siyu - April 2017

12-Apr-2017    Admin
I am from China and I am a new customer with Dubai rocks. Here, I can guarantee you that the diamond sold in Dubai Rocks is authentic and the price is the lowest in the market, even in Dubai! For example, the same 2 carat diamond with the same GIA number was quoted $5000 more at another shop in Dubai. After seeing this price difference, I chose Dubai Rocks. Imagine how much you can save! In addition, the finish of the ring was amazing, with attention to each detail that instructed from the customer side. For potential customers from China, please contact Fergus with peace of mind.''

Shervan - April 2017

10-Apr-2017    Admin
Can't get friendlier and more professional service from any other UAE Jeweler. Fergus at Dubai Rocks guarantees a level of quality and bespoke service like no other. Definitely the best value for your money with no hassle. I'm glad I came across Dubai Rocks.''

Olesya - March 2017

27-Mar-2017    Admin
We had a very good experience with Dubai Rocks. I especially appreciate Fergus's genuine advice on stone selection and his overall transparency. Poppy delivered outstanding personalised service. We are very happy with you guys and we surely know where to look next time we shop for diamonds and jewelry.''

Wesley - March 2017

16-Mar-2017    Admin
Let me start with this - I have never met the Fergus before. Found he's company on the internet or FB I can not remember. We then started Chatting on "Whatsapp" for a long with about what I am looking for. Fergus was extremely helpfull but I was so skeptical as this is my first time working outside of South Africa plus I live in Doba and not Dubai!!! So you can imagine me doing a major business transaction over social media of all places, not even spoken to him once on the phone!! Any way, don't want to bore you with the whole story, but WOW, I got past my fear of putting a large amount of money into someones account I don't at all know or ever met. This man is amazing and super helpful and made the best ring my "NOW" fiance loves to bits!! we both in love with each other and the ring. Thank you Fergus, you GOOD... And all this through Whatsapp!! SO STOCKED (meaning very very over happy) in South African term. haha You are a legend. Oh and PS: he went out of he's way to deliver the ring to my friends in Dubai!!''

Andrew - March 2017

15-Mar-2017    Admin
Fergus was really helpful and professional. Great communication, and nothing was too much trouble for him and his team. I had a tight turnaround request but he was still able to source the stone I wanted and have it set in a custom setting in a few days. Fergus was even able to meet me during my very brief layover in Dubai (and at an ungodly hour of the morning!). And, most important of all, my finance (now my wife) absolutely loves her engagement ring. Thanks for everything!''

Henry - March 2017

10-Mar-2017    Admin
Dubai Rocks fabulous ..Fergus and team surpassed our expectations...craftsmanship outstanding .Big thank you .''

Libby - March 2017

08-Mar-2017    Admin
A great team who really went above and beyond all expectations. The diamonds that were sourced are divine and the workmanship is perfect - we couldn't be happier with the finished product. Thank you so much again, our ring is amazing and we are thrilled. We are giving your details to all our family and friends now!''

Tanya - March 2017

07-Mar-2017    Admin
Thanks for making the wedding rings for my friends back in the U.K. I was really worried that the CAD drawings wouldn't be enough, but my friend's band fits her engagement ring perfectly. She wasn't expecting an amazing fit either - especially for such a great price. They both love their rings!''

Brendan - March 2017

06-Mar-2017    Admin
I am absolutely delighted with my decision to choose Fergus and the Dubai Rocks team when buying an engagement ring for my fiancé. I received quotes from other Dubai based jewellers but Fergus’s speedy responses to questions, competitive pricing and professional approach convinced me that he was the right man. When I met him in person, I was not disappointed. The ring was simply stunning and my bride to be was amazed with its majesty when I proposed. We subsequently had the ring valued back home in Ireland by a local jeweller who was more than impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. They also noticed that an extra diamond was inserted in the band which we were completely unaware of….such a lovely touch. Dubai Rocks provided a top quality experience from start to finish and I highly recommend Fergus and the team.''

Roj - March 2017

03-Mar-2017    Admin
I'm not what you'd call an easy customer. I wanted a design that no one was selling anywhere and that I was struggling to explain. I also wanted a big stone with a fair price. Fergus was the man, he made sure he understood, accepted my daily harassment gracefully and made my dreams come true. I doubt you'll find a fairer price anywhere (we REALLY looked everywhere) and now I look like a queen with my amazing ring. It's endlessly fascinating and I stare at it all day long. Of course I do not know why he hasn't splashed it all over this page...''

Richard - March 2017

02-Mar-2017    Admin
Hi everyone, i spent months preparing to buy a diamond, learning the 4 c's etc etc and comparing many different shops in dubai when i met with Fergus he was excellent so much better in quality and price than the others, we bought our 2ct diamond within 30min of meeting him, never met a business man so upfront and honest, he was very detailed and came to our hotel, just wonderful, you will not be dissapointed in anyway, you have my personal guarantee.''

Damien - February 2017

23-Feb-2017    Admin
Only Dubai Rocks could deliver the custom design I wanted in only a week. Fergus is incredibly reactive and was always available throughout the process. Cherry on the cake - his quotes are very competitive! Big thank you from my fiancé and I and see you again for the wedding bands.''

Stephen - February 2017

22-Feb-2017    Admin
Massive shout out to Fergus and his team at Dubai Rocks, was amazing when I first started to look for Claire ring. Some how she managed to lose a small stone. I called him up explained and he said just bring it back and leave it with him and the next day all sorted with the stone replaced! Just collected it now excellent before and after sales experience. If your splashing the cash he is the man to go to.''

Fredrik - February 2017

12-Feb-2017    Admin
I needed a diamond ring for my proposal and I was recommended Poppy at Dubai Rocks. So I made contact and met with her. She and Fergus sat down with me and gave me good advice on diamonds and I decided same day. They were also helpful to get me a fast delivery and were reachable over Whatsapp along the way. The ring is amazing and my fiancée is overwhelmed.''

Eric - February 2017

12-Feb-2017    Admin
The quality, design and workmanship that Fergus and his team deliver is miles ahead of Gold and Diamond Park while the price is the same or better. I recommend everyone that is looking for something special to call Fergus and make an appointment!''

Dyan - February 2017

10-Feb-2017    Admin
A big thank you to Fergus who managed to source me the perfect diamond and make a ring just in time for me to be able to propose on Christmas day. Both the diamond and ring were fabulous. Highly recommended.''

Barry Gauntlett - January 2016

28-Jan-2017    Admin
So I'm in Paris this weekend and just asked my girlfriend to marry me. She said yes! This would not have been possible without Fergus and his team.from start to finish everything was very smooth. The ring is stunning and fabulous quality. This was all done from England by email and WhatsApp,please have no fears in putting your trust in these guys if you can't get to dubai. A wonderful and stress free process. Thanks again Fergus.''

Silje Green - January 2017

20-Jan-2017    Admin
I am so happy that I contacted Dubai Rocks when I was buying myself a diamond ring for my birthday. I got excellent service from Fergus through the whole process. I picked up the most beautiful ring I have seen. This was an experience for life, I will never forget. Thank you Fergus! To all – if you’re going to buy yourself or your loved one a diamond, contact Dubai Rocks right away!''

Diniesh Abeykeerthi - January 2017

12-Jan-2017    Admin
Thank you Fergus, for all the support and the amazing service given to me through the creation of this ring. My fiancée loved it very much.''

Michael Milonas - January 2017

09-Jan-2017    Admin
I would like to start by saying that my whole experience with Fergus and the team at Dubai Rocks was absolutely perfect! i live in Sydney Australia and a few months ago i began searching for jewellers to create the perfect engagement ring for my now fiance. I stumbled across Dubai Rocks whilst surfing the internet and i decided to email them i'm so glad that i did because Fergus responded straight away answering any questions i had, he gave me his whats app number and we began searching for diamomds. Fergus was very helpful with EVERYTHING from picking the perfect diamond to designing the ring exactly the way i imagined it and it was all done through what's app! when i arrived in dubai to pick the ring up i was blown away, it was absolutley stunning!! he did an amazing job and listened to everything i had asked for and delivered a beautiful ring!! the service they provide at Dubai Rocks is 10/10 they go above and beyond for their customers Fergus even paid for my uber ride back to my hotel, i highly recommend Dubai Rocks and will definately be going back to create our wedding bands and all future pieces of bespoke jewellery.''

Gareth Wright - January 2017

08-Jan-2017    Admin
Fast friendly service, expert advice, excellent craftsmanship, and beautiful presentation = stunning ring! My lady (fiancé) was very happy this xmas! Dubai Rocks!''

Egor Petrov - January 2017

07-Jan-2017    Admin
Thank you for your help and expertise and for making my decision easy and buying the ring with confidence. Very personal and professional service. Great product and amazing prices! Great experience buying an engagement ring from Dubai Rocks!''

Louise Mead - January 2017

04-Jan-2017    Admin
When I first started looking at engagement rings I didn't have much idea about all of a diamonds characteristics. The more I learnt the more stressed I became! The main thing I was sure on was that I wanted a GIA certified diamond so I knew I was getting what my fiancé was paying for. I came across Dubai Rocks in an article which listed it as one of the 5 recommended places to go to in Dubai for quality and price. I sent an enquiry and Poppy got back to me immediately and began sending diamond options which were in the price range I'd stated as well as my desired carat, colour, clarity and cut. Poppy was able to play around with my preferences to get me the best possible diamond. I felt very assured during the process that I would end up with an amazing ring because Poppy is very experienced and GIA certified. I asked a lot of questions and Poppy was excellent at answering them all! I'm so happy with my diamond and always getting compliments on it! The ring box and packaging is so well presented as well. We actually ended up paying less than we thought we would which is another bonus! We will definitely be going to Poppy for our wedding bands.''

Jeremy Aston - January 2017

03-Jan-2017    Admin
Fergus was very helpful in helping me find the best diamond for my fiancé's engagement ring, based on the criteria I provided. He gave me impartial advice and was always very responsive when I had any questions. My fiancé loves the design and craftsmanship of the Wave ring! I would definitely recommend Dubai Rocks. Thanks again!''
Steve col.jpg

Steve Colling - January 2017

02-Jan-2017    Admin
Thank you Fergus and Dubai Rocks for a fantastic service and beautiful ring. I wanted to find a company that understood exactly what I wanted and at the same time could give expert advice. The quality of the ring is superb and looks amazing. Dubai Rocks were a perfect choice and I would highly recommend them.''

Rich Hawley - Jan 2017

02-Jan-2017    Admin
Thanks Fergus for an amazing service! My fiancé absolutely loves her engagement ring. We will be back to buy the wedding bands!''

Anushka Fernando - December 2016

31-Dec-2016    Admin
Fergus, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care and effort you put in to personalising and creating this perfect bespoke ring for a perfect woman. Your patience and enthusiasm for your craft made the experience so easy for a diamond newbie such as myself. She said "yes, of course yes!", and with that I now begin a new chapter of my life. I'd recommend you and Dubai Rocks any day and I wish you and your family the best of luck in 2017 and the future. God bless you bro.''

Greg Williamson - December 2016

12-Dec-2016    Admin
Couldn't recommend Fergus at Dubai Rocks more highly. Quick response and personalised service, and an amazing ring!!''

Shala Weeks - November 2016

28-Nov-2016    Admin
'Dubai Rocks' certainly lives up to its name! They do ROCK .... Amazing piece of bespoke jewellery made for my 40th birthday AND equally amazing & highly professional service. Fergus was fantastic from start to finish .... nothing was too much trouble and the communication & whole process was very easy ..... i will 100% be using Fergus & the team again, thank you Dubai Rocks.''

Ben Smith - November 2016

27-Nov-2016    Admin
We came to Dubai Rocks with a unique engagement ring in mind. We hadn't had any luck finding this type of ring in mind at any of the other jewelry stores in Dubai. Those other places aren't bad, but they felt like they were trying to steer us towards what they had in stock instead of listening to what we wanted. Fergus took all the ideas and requests and was able to have his team design and create just the ring we were looking for. I felt we got a great deal on the ring and the diamond looks gorgeous. Another reason we picked this place is because they don't use the more lenient diamond rating agencies for their stones like many other jewelry stores. We can't recommend Dubai Rocks enough.''

Toby Gladstone - November 2016

27-Nov-2016    Admin
My fiancee and I wanted to buy a very unusual diamond, a trilliant, cut in a triangle shape. We got in touch with Fergus and he was brilliant. He managed to source the stone from Hong Kong ( apparently there were only four like that in the world ! ) and we then worked with him on line and through whatsapp designing the ring and the setting. The whole process was very easy, and exciting, and by the time we were getting on the plane to Dubai the ring was ready for us. We went to Fergus's offices to pick it up and it was beautiful, even better in real life than on the videos, and it fitted perfectly. My fiancee was so happy she was literally skipping around ! To finish the whole adventure in the best possible way when we got back to the UK and had the ring valued the jewellers valued it at three times what we had paid. All in all a fantastic experience with Fergus and Dubai Rocks. Thank you so much.''

Michelle McGinty - November 2016

27-Nov-2016    Admin
A friend of mine recomended Dubai Rocks. I made contact with Fergus via What's App and supplied him with the ring image I wanted, our budget and my finger size. Less than a week later the ring was ready! Fergus kept me updated and the process was stress free and enjoyable. Throughout the week I could text him and within seconds I would have my query answered. I would highly recommend Fergus and his team of experts. I now have a beautiful engagement ring which is great value for money and the customer service was exceptional throughout!!''

Fabio Nalon - November 2016

27-Nov-2016    Admin
Bumped into Dubai Rocks almost accidentally to find out a great operation run by Fergus: he was great in quickly inspiring confidence, fast feedback and delivered a high quality product in a short time. Keep on rocking !!!''

Thomas Møller - November 2016

21-Nov-2016    Admin
Bought the most beautiful engagement ring to my fiance. A true pleasure doing business with Dubai Rocks. Fergus was a great help and super communication from beginning to the end of the deal! Very flexible for delivery, he showed up in Dubai Airport to finish the deal, as I was flying via Dubai to Mauritius! Can highly recommend Dubai Rocks!''

Geraldine Matheey - November 2016

21-Nov-2016    Admin
Thanks to Dubai Rocks for the amazing ring , I just love it , couldn't be more perfect!''

Melissa Oldridge - November 2016

16-Nov-2016    Admin
Got our ring from Fergus (Dubai Rocks) when we were out there on holiday! Absolutely amazing service, quick and flexible. Would 100% recommend. Love wearing it so much :) Thank you!''

Peter Gacheche Karanja - November 2016

15-Nov-2016    Admin
I recently made a trip to Dubai to purchase a high quality engagement ring from Dubai Rocks. The end result was amazing!! The customer service, transparency and information throughout the whole buying process were all first class. They made it an enjoyable experience and I could trust them. The price was also amazing as I got it valued in Nairobi at 3 times the price I paid for it in Dubai! Needless to say my fiancee was over them moon when I proposed. These guys are professional and I can't recommend them enough. Thank you Fergus, Poppy and the rest of the Dubai Rocks team. Excellent work!''

Chris Frith - November 2016

10-Nov-2016    Admin
Dubai Rocks created a beautiful engagement ring for me. The customer service provided by Fergus and Poppy was second to none. Always professional and extremely helpful. Strongly recommended. 5 star''

Natalie Sinead - November 2016

06-Nov-2016    Admin
A couple of weeks ago I won a beautiful diamond ring from Dubai Rocks at the Expat Bloke boxing match. I genuinely couldn't believe my luck, The ring is stunning and it was a pleasure meeting Fergus and Poppy to get the ring sized. They were also able to arrange a stone replacement on my treasured grandmother's ring they did a fantastic job! They have a very personable and attentive approach to how they deal with their customers. I would not hesitate to recommend Fergus and his talented team to anyone who wants to purchase diamond jewellery in Dubai, beautiful items and a fantastic service. Thank you''

Lamah El-Sharkawi - October 2016

30-Oct-2016    Admin
Thank you for creating a beautiful diamond ring. First class service from Fergus and thank you for never losing patience when I changed my mind a thousand times! I have already started recommending you to friends and family and can't wait to make my second purchase!''

Lisa Moran - October 2016

20-Oct-2016    Admin
Diamonds are a girls best friend! thank you for my gorgeous bracelet, amazing service and selection, see you next year!!''

Volkan Kinoglu - October 2016

20-Oct-2016    Admin
Thank you so much Dubai Rocks for everything.Especially the owner (Fergus) himself, even on holiday bringing the ring just to make our special day fantastic!!!!No need to comment on quality of the ring ... because it is simply AMAZING!!''

Nabil Darwish - October 2016

09-Oct-2016    Admin
I bought a stone from Dubai Rocks which was delivered to the my friends hotel in Dubai, the whole process was very easy and smooth , price was the best I got as they don't have the overheads of big shops/malls , I do advise anybody who wants to buy to contact these guys. Thanks''

Lianne Viney - UK - October 2016

08-Oct-2016    Admin
Many thanks to Fergus at Dubai Rocks for my beautiful engagement ring! Great service!'' October 2016

Caroline Shepherd - London, UK

07-Oct-2016    Admin
I just wanted to let you know I had the diamond wedding band you made me valued in the UK today and he said it was a beautifully made ring and valued it at almost 3 x what we paid for it. I can't thank you enough and I can't wait to wear it come 10 September!'' April 2016

Marc Connelly - UK

07-Oct-2016    Admin
A massive thank you to Fergus and the rest of the team at Dubai Rocks. The service and quality of the ring were absolutely second to none - would thoroughly recommend to anyone. My fiancé was completely blown away when she seen the ring and has not been able to stop staring at it since. Once again, many thanks for the top service'' March 2016

Kerry Lefevre

05-Oct-2016    Admin
Excellent service all the way through. Nothing was too much trouble for Fergus. A gorgeous solitaire, platinum engagement ring, with extra sparkle. Made our day. Back soon for the wedding rings.'' October 2016

Melanie Hopkins

20-Sep-2016    Admin
Dubai really does! Awesome experience from choosing a GIA certified diamond through to designing the setting, Fergus listened to what I wanted and came up with the goods.....all in 6 days! I can't rate Fergus and Dubai Rocks highly enough....superb.’’ September 2016

Beefy Wright - London, UK

16-Sep-2016    Admin
Big thanks to Dubai Rocks for all the professional help and assistance and most importantly, an absolutely stunning ring so if you’re looking for a ring this is the place to go. And she said yes!’’ September 2016

Darren Grimes

12-Sep-2016    Admin
Thanks so much to Fergus and Dubai Rocks for making the perfect engagement ring for me and my fiancé! His service was impeccable and the ring is absolutely perfect! Highly recommended!’’ September 2016
gu zhi.jpg


10-Sep-2016    Admin
I would like to say a big thank you to Fergus for helping my partner and I create a gorgeous engagement ring. I never thought I would buy a ring from another country, but the process was straightforward, the communication was great and I felt like they were truly invested in making sure the ring was exactly what we wanted. I have since popped the question to my now fiancé on top of the Swiss Alps, and this mater piece with the beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background took our breath away. For any couple on the search for a ring that is truly unique, I would highly recommend Dubai Rocks. The team truly understand how to tailor their services and design to meet your individual needs and from my research, the best value for quality diamonds. Jacky’’ September 2016

Markus Caldwell

01-Sep-2016    Admin
Fergus, and Dubai rocks really made my engagement the best experience ever. After looking for months for the perfect ring Dubai Rocks selection was better and nearly half the price of the big name brands. Not to mention that the ring I selected was of better clarity, color, and carat. Awesome business. Thank you Fergus’’ September 2016

Helena Carey

27-Aug-2016    Admin
I recently had the pleasure of working with Fergus in Dubai Rocks. I was very apprehensive at first with the feeling of going in blind and dealing solely through email but my fears were quickly quelled by Fergus's professional approach. I cannot recommend Fergus and his company highly enough. The journey was exciting, fun filled and the end result is truly amazing. '' August 2016

Clare Gallagher - UK

23-Aug-2016    Admin
Utterly thrilled with Dubai Rocks!! The advice and guidance from Fergus has been second to none. Honest, helpful, patient and funny! My diamond arrived today and I am delighted with it, I can't wait to see it fitted into my original engagement band (upgrade at the 10 year mark!) Can't recommend Dubai Rocks enough. Thanks Fergus.'' August 2016

Mike Jones

03-Aug-2016    Admin
Fergus was a pleasure to deal with. He gave honest advice, knew exactly what I wanted when I explained what I had in mind, kept me informed during the progress of making the ring and the attention to detail and quality is evident in the finished product - needless to say when I got down on one knee and opened the box the answer was yes; how could she say no to a ring like that! We have already been in touch with Fergus about wedding rings and know that what he produces will be outstanding.’’ August 2016

Natasha Abbas - London, UK

23-Jul-2016    Admin
My FIANCE :) worked with Fergus to get my engagement ring. When it comes to my gifts, my Fiance is very thorough, detailed. He does his research and this was no different. He looked at types of diamonds, local suppliers (London) e.g. in Hatton Garden, online (blue nile) and then numerous suppliers in Dubai. Fergus was the best! He firstly gave him what he asked for, was a proper consultant throughout the process, never got frustrated at the numerous changes and questions my partner had and in the end, when Fergus said he found the diamond, he was right! We will definately be coming back for the wedding bands! Thank you so much. Happy for anyone to get in touch if they want more detail. Highly recommended.'' July 2016

Maria Alejandra Castro

13-Jul-2016    Admin
My fiancé bought for me this beautiful engagement ring from Dubai Rocks. I love it, it's so shiny and sparkling, just as I dreamed it! Thanks for creating this design for us, great job!’’ July 2016

Jan Douglas - East Kilbride, UK

14-Jun-2016    Admin
Hi just to let you know my husband got me a beautiful diamond ring from Dubai Rocks the service he received from Fergus was brilliant and he would highly recommend your company for quality and service thank you'' June 2016

Tor Beckley

02-Jun-2016    Admin
On behalf of myself and my fiancé Michael Harris we would like to thank everyone at Dubai Rocks for making our dream engagement and wedding rings!! We couldn't have wished for better and friendly service. After having alterations made on my engagement ring to fit perfectly with my wedding band I got exactly what I wanted with great advice a long the way. We can't wait to say our vows on 8.10.2016 and wear our wedding rings for ever!!’’ June 2016

Derval O’Connell

08-Apr-2016    Admin
We are delighted with our ring! Thank you Dubai Rocks’’ April 2016

Christina Grass

18-Mar-2016    Admin
Thank you Fergus and Dubai Rocks for all your support and the most stunning rings I have ever seen! You are the best and I would highly recommend you. Lots of love Christina and Nicklas’’ March 2016

Meghan Donley Walker – London, UK

15-Mar-2016    Admin
’A big thank you to Dubai Rocks for my custom-made diamond eternity bands. The brief was two Art Deco-inspired stackable bands to complement my vintage engagement ring and existing wedding bands. Fergus and his team were quick, professional and competitive. Exactly what I wanted and as discussed. Dubai Rocks proved their versatility by designing a new piece with old-world charm. The bands look fantastic and authentic alongside my vintage rings. I cannot recommend Dubai Rocks enough. Thank you!’’ March 2016

Liza Rich – Great Stampford, UK

18-Feb-2016    Admin
Thank you so much Fergus & the team at Dubai Rocks, such an amazing personal & professional service. I am absolutely thrilled with my rings, they are truly stunning, something I will treasure for years to come. Thank you’’ February 2016

Edward Moore - Dubai, UAE

02-Feb-2016    Admin
What a fantastic company. Fergus was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process and I couldn't have been happier with the final result. I definitely recommend Dubai Rocks to anyone looking for an engagement ring or a piece of jewellery.’’ February 2016

Toby Fisher

30-Jan-2016    Admin
Thank you so much for your help purchasing my fiancés engagement ring. There was no pressure and you ensured I was 100% happy with every aspect of the ring and diamond. The result was a stunning ring in a beautiful setting. I would highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring to speak to you guys first. Thanks again.’’ January 2016

Cyril Kamya

22-Jan-2016    Admin
Dubai rocks provided me with an outstanding, bespoke engagement ring for my fiancé. She was absolutely blown away by the design and my local jeweller remarked on the excellent quality of the ring. The service provided was first class and I would highly recommend them for good quality, affordable engagement rings. Keep up the good work !!’’ January 2016

Tony Broadway – Abu Dhabi, UAE

07-Jan-2016    Admin
I have used Dubai Rocks through recommendation of a friend and received an excellent, professional, reliable and friendly service. The services were honest and hassle free and I would recommend Dubai Rocks to anybody wishing to purchase such amazing products. A pleasure conducting business with Fergus!’’ January 2016


02-Jan-2016    Admin
My wife love it... it is a fabulous and beautiful ring. Thank you Fergus for all your guidance to make this possible. I totally recommend Dubai Rocks, especially the amazing costumer service.’’ January 2016

Hau Pham

20-Dec-2015    Admin
I was in a rush to get the ring done for the proposal in Maldives. The Dubai Rocks team didn't only get it done in time; but also with great quality. My fiancee' loves the ring. Great job Dubai Rocks!’’ December 2015

Megan Castang – Dubai, UAE

13-Dec-2015    Admin
I just wanted to pop by and say how thrilled I am with my Dubai Rocks wedding band! It's exactly what I wanted, feels and looks amazing and you can just tell the quality will last a lifetime. Thank you so much Dubai Rocks team for helping me create my perfect ring and for a great price, can't wait to get it valued and insured in the UK I know it will be far more than I paid!!’’ December 2015

Marinos Kartapanis

03-Dec-2015    Admin
I would like to thank Dubai Rocks Team for helping me to find a beautiful engagement ring. Fergus made the whole process very easy for me and it is much appreciated. I am really happy with my purchase and I definitely recommend Dubai Rocks!’’ December 2015

Martin Carlin - Dubai, UAE

19-Nov-2015    Admin
I can't thank Fergus and Dubai Rocks enough for all their help in helping me find the right diamond and make the exact custom ring I wanted to the highest of specifications! Fergus was extremely patient and helpful as I took time selecting my diamond after months of looking, and went the extra mile to make sure I was completely happy. This helped me make the perfect proposal without my fiancée knowing at all! Fergus and co went above and beyond all expectations: Fergus picked me up personally to take me to collect the ring, and resizing it after the proposal was hassle free. For diamonds and engagement rings, honestly, look no further than Dubai Rocks. I'll keep in touch Fergus.’’ November 2015

Andrea Nicolson

11-Nov-2015    Admin
If you are looking for an exquisite piece of jewellery made especially for you then look no further than Dubai Rocks. My husband approached them with an idea of a design and they more than fulfilled this. Fergus came up with a design that would compliment my engagement ring and when put together it was spot on. I have had nothing but compliments. Thank you once again.’’ November 2015

James Beverley

28-Oct-2015    Admin
I approached Dubai Rocks with a design and specification in mind, the end result exceeded my expectation. They sourced the perfect diamond for me after many rejections and changes to grading. The ring was customised to my exact requirements even with changes during its build. An excellent service from knowledgeable and skilled jewelers, highly recommended, we couldn't be happier. Thanks again!’’ October 2015

Jon Wills

14-Oct-2015    Admin
I have one very happy lady. Thank you for your excellent service from start to finish. Dubai Rocks - Highly recommended.’’ October 2015

Andrew Kerr

23-Sep-2015    Admin
Just purchased our engagement ring from Dubai Rocks , unique design, superb customer service& hand delivered to our hotel. Thank you Dubai Rocks.’’ September 2015

Jenna Pearce

03-Sep-2015    Admin
If you are looking to buy a custom made diamond ring then look no further than Dubai Rocks! Dealing with Fergus was an absolute pleasure and he was so helpful and provided nothing but great advice the whole way through the process! The quality and craftsmanship of the ring is second to none and I can not speak highly enough of Dubai Rocks and Fergus if you are in the market to buy diamonds! I plan on buying only the one engagement ring in my lifetime but I will definitely be back to buy different jewellery down the track....thank you so much for helping to make this such an unforgettable experience and making the 'yes' a no brainier for Jenna! Nathan & Jenna!’’ September 2015

Neil Dulake

04-Jul-2015    Admin
I knew very little about diamonds and engagement rings, so spent a fair bit of time researching both online and on the high street. I must admit I was a little skeptical about Dubai Rocks when I first discovered them, but my research and curiosity kept me coming back to the site. I needn't have worried. The team were really helpful - with their help I found a style I really liked and they were also incredibly honest and transparent about pricing and quality. We settled upon a design and diamond I liked. They then surpassed my expectations even further when they ensured I had the ring ready to propose to my girlfriend with less than 2 weeks notice. Luckily for me, she loved the ring and she also said "Yes" Dubai Rocks rocks!’’ July 2015

Tom Raynor – Italy

25-Jun-2015    Admin
Fergus, I couldn't be happier with the ring, thanks for all of your help... needless to say it was even better received by her than anticipated! All the best.’’ June 2015

Ian Foulsham – Australia

15-Jun-2015    Admin
’I just had a ring delivered direct to Australia from Dubai rocks and couldn't be happier. While initially being nervous about buying something like this online the response I got from the Dubai Rocks team, at all times, couldn't have been better. The quality of the ring was outstanding and my wife loved it! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality engagement ring.’’ June 2015

Natalie Morgan – Dubai, UAE

04-Jun-2015    Admin
Thank you Dubai rocks for my stunning bespoke engagement ring. So happy with the end result and the service was excellent from beginning to end, could not be happier! The team kept us regularly updated throughout the making process, It was well worth the travel from the UK as we made a huge saving compared to UK prices and got to enjoy a holiday in Dubai, I would definitely recommend! The diamonds sparkle so much it's difficult to get a picture to show the excellent quality with the reflection! Excellent value for an excellent quality ring, thank you!’’ June 2015

Ben Smith - Australia

05-May-2015    Admin
Massive thanks to Fergus! He helped me find an amazing diamond, arranged a custom made ring as per the ladies instructions, and helped me get a YES to the most important question I've ever asked.’’ May 2015

Vijay Menezes

30-Apr-2015    Admin
When I first started researching the internet for diamonds, engagement rings and where to buy them in Dubai, there was a fair degree of apprehension about the whole process. What I certainly didn’t expect was Dubai Rocks and the remarkably outstanding service I would eventually get. I knew from the first conversation I had with Fergus, that I could trust him implicitly - and he never came close to disappointing. He was patient, considerate and sensitive throughout the whole process. From finding me the perfect diamond to sorting out the setting, Fergus made sure what I wanted came before everything else.?Thanks again Fergus for what eventually turned out to be quite a spectacular engagement ring that Michelle absolutely adores. But more so, for making the experience of getting it, an extremely pleasant one’’ April 2015
james ian.jpg

James Sifton – Weybridge, UK

29-Apr-2015    Admin
Dubai Rocks - fantastic service, wonderful products and great value. Fergus and his team offered me a first class service. Look no further for quality.’’ April 2015

Edward Parsons

27-Apr-2015    Admin
I first found Dubai Rocks on the internet, I was very nervous at the thought of conducting such an important (and for me large) transaction online. Fergus weathered my seemingly unending barrage of questions with great patience and was always quick to reply. He talked me through options and possibilities until I arrived at the combination that created my perfect engagement ring. Despite my trepidation about conducting business in the online environment all aspects went smoothly with excellent contact and communications throughout. My wife to be loved the result and feeling of having a hand in the creation of the ring instead of pointing to something in a display case has left me with an unexpected feeling of personal satisfaction. With that in mind I whole heartedly recommend Fergus and Dubai Rocks to help create what you want instead of spending time hoping to find what you want.’’ April 2015

Antti Rikkinen

13-Apr-2015    Admin
Probably the best customer service I've ever received. Together with Fergus we fought through several obstacles on the way to make once-in-a-lifetime engagement proposal. In all of the stages from designing the ring to the delivery of the ring (which he delivered personally to our hotel) everything went as smoothly as you can dream of. But it didn't stop there. We kept contact even after our return back to home. I can promise you, Fergus and Dubai Rocks are more than willing to go the extra mile. I will not forget the special arrangement in the end and trust you showed in me. Thanks for the help man! See you in the future’’ April 2015

Fiona Kroner - Glasgow, UK

12-Mar-2015    Admin
Thank you so much for the making of my gorgeous engagement ring!couldnt be any more perfect!will be recommending Dubai rocks to friends!’’ March 2015

Scott Thomas - Australia

03-Feb-2015    Admin
I would highly recommend anyone looking for a diamond to talk to Fergus. The ring and the diamond were perfect, great value for money and the customer service was exceptional throughout.’’ February 2015

Huda - January 2015

24-Jan-2015    Admin
Thank you so much Fergus!!!! The necklace and earnings are stunning! I'm one happy bride to be! I recommend everyone to Dubai Rocks service and quality is fantastic! Picture does not do it justice!! Check out the pear shape necklace!’’

Ahmad Jabr – Dubai, UAE

15-Jan-2015    Admin
After looking for the perfect engagement ring, I came across Dubai Rocks who were able to create a beautiful piece. The whole experience from customer service to value for money was exceptional. I received the ring and the quality of the diamonds and the gold is superb and my fiancé is in love with it :) Thank you Dubai Rocks!’’ January 2015

Viniviua De Sa

14-Jan-2015    Admin
I have been in touch with a couple of stores in Dubai and no doubts Dubai Rocks gave me the best value, mainly due the outstanding customer service!! Fergus (owner) was very nice during the diamond selection and ring design! At the end he personally came to my hotel to hand the final product, a beautiful ring tailored as I wished! Fully recommended! Thanks again!’’ January 2015

Michael Harris - UK

04-Dec-2014    Admin
Recently proposed to my girlfriend and got my ring from Dubai Rocks!! Unbelievable service, great personal touch, honesty and Trust I needed when making this huge decision! ! Thanks to Fergus and Dubai Rocks!!’’ December 2014

Paul Patterson - UK

03-Dec-2014    Admin
I don't usually do reviews, but something has to be said about this company! .... I would just like to say a huge thank you and well done! The owner (Fergus Appleton) came to my hotel to drop the ring off to make my engagement more discreet, the ring was too big (my mistake), he got the ring back to us within two days AND this was the same day his wife had given birth! How can you beat that for service? Also, just got the ring valued in the UK (for insurance) and its worth 3x the price as to what I paid for! ?I could not be happier with my purchase and the company I chose to go for! A unique and excellent experience! We will most defiantly be going back for our wedding bands! Thanks again Fergus!’’ December 2014

Sarah Pankow - Dubai

08-Oct-2014    Admin
I got this amazingly beautiful engagement ring last weekend after a romantic dinner at Banyan Tree. The ring is just as perfect as everything else on that unforgettable trip! Thank you Javier and thank you Dubai Rocks’’ October 2014

Sonali Vade Gunjan Kolhapur – Telford

07-Oct-2014    Admin
Wonderful plan by my Husband on 10th anniversary and what a surprise a huge diamond ring!!! Thanks to Fergus of Dubai Rocks to deliver this on a very short notice this is absolutely a charm which I would cherish for a very long time. This is a GIA certified diamond which we verified here in UK, I would 100% recommend Dubai Rocks and would definitely visit again. Thanks for making our anniversary a special one!!!’’ October 2014

Pru Hux - Australia

02-Oct-2014    Admin
Great service…..Fergus met me at my hotel on the other side of Dubai and amidst dreadful traffic to deliver my ordered diamonds. Not only do my diamonds rock…so too does the company! I can not thank you enough Fergus. Your reputation has to follow you as one of the best and I recommend anyone interested in buying diamonds in Dubai to go through Fergus. Not only do you get the best deal but you get the best diamonds. Thank you Fergus. Dubai certainly Rocks!!!! Thanks to Dubai Rocks.'' October 2014

Marcus Appleton - London, UK

03-Sep-2014    Admin
Just wanted to say thanks again for the AMAZING engagement ring and wedding band. Over a year on still as beautiful as when we first bought them...!’’ September 2014

Amy Joyce - UK

10-Jun-2014    Admin
Thank you so much for our gorgeous wedding bands and engagement ring. David and I LOVE them! Here are a few shots of them in my bouquet’’ June 2014

Ali Bakir – London, UK

03-Feb-2014    Admin
I thought Blue Nile was the best until I stumbled on this gem of a company. Fantastic rocks, smart company, great value for money.’’ February 2014

Ian Foulsham – HR Director Seadrill - Singapore

12-Nov-2013    Admin
I purchased a 1.09ct GIA certified diamond rock when passing through Dubai on my way back to Singapore. Buying a tax free diamond directly from the Dubai Diamond exchange was really easy and amazing value for money. I put down a small deposit on paypal to reserve the diamond that I selected and simply paid the outstanding balance when I collected from the exchange. My girlfriend loved it, we are now happily married, and the rest is history. Great service Dubai Rocks !"

Marcus – Chartered Accountant Deloitte and Touche London

17-Aug-2013    Admin
I purchased my wifes engagement ring whilst visiting my brother who lives and works in Dubai. I looked around the Gold and Diamond Park, as well as some of the Malls, but found them confusing because of the number of different certificates on offer (HRD, IGI, IDL). Dubai rocks only stocks GIA certified diamonds which I subsequently found out is the trusted independent global benchmark when it comes to certificates. Great knowledge and customer service from the Dubai Rocks team resulted in me buying a fantastic rock and ring for my girlfriend. She said yes, the ring was valued at 3 times what I paid for it and I got a sun tan! Thank you Dubai Rocks!..."

Rachel Bradbury – Business Owner – London

17-Aug-2013    Admin
My husband and I purchased my engagement ring from Dubai Rocks after a lot of research both online and on the UK high street. The main reason for choosing Dubai Rocks was the price. We found the Dubai Rocks quotes significantly cheaper than the High Street in the UK AND the online prices of the big internet retailers such as Blue Nile. I was also encouraged that all of Dubai Rocks diamonds are GIA certified which ensures transparent quality as well as reassuring me on the moral front. The team at Dubai Rocks were fantastic at helping us understand everything we needed to know about buying diamonds and openly gave us websites to compare the price and product they offered so we knew we were getting a fantastic price. In terms of the buying process it could not have been easier – we put a small deposit on the diamond to ensure that the stone was reserved, and then got the ring made when we got to Dubai. When I collected the ring I could not have been happier. The quality is superb and the ring was perfect. The best bit was we got the ring valued when we got back to the UK - the insurance value was significantly more than what we paid for it – the jeweler who valued it was genuinely amazed at the quality and price – now I’m just waiting for my husband to buy me a push present so we can have another vacation in Dubai! ..."

Stuart Nash – CEO – Insight Consulting – Bristol

17-Aug-2013    Admin
The Dubai Rocks team helped me to learn all I need to know about diamonds very quickly! Rule number 1 – always buy GIA certified diamonds. Rule number 2 – don’t forget rule number 1! Seriously I had a really transparent efficient experience. I checked the prices that they offered me against other online retailers and it was quickly clear that buying tax free diamonds directly from the exchange resulted in awesome value for money. I put down a small holding deposit to reserve the diamond and collected the rock whilst on a business trip in Dubai. Happy wife, great value, great quality, Dubai Rocks...."

Andrew Walker – Vice President Aviation – Talbot Insurance - London

17-Aug-2013    Admin
Thank you very much to the Dubai Rocks team for their advice and guidance throughout the buying process. I ended up purchasing a 3 carat emerald cut, GIA certified diamond. I compared the price I was given against global online prices and buying tax free directly from the exchange really does work. I decided to treat my (then) girlfriend to a vacation in Dubai with the savings and we collected the ring together. We needed a minor change to the ring size which was dealt with swiftly and professionally (for free) by the Dubai Rocks team. A really great experience...."

Toby Chapman – Commercial Leasing Director – London

17-Aug-2013    Admin
Buying a diamond from the Dubai Rocks team could not have been easier. Over a two week period the Dubai Rocks team helped me select a rock that was right for me in terms of budget and specifications. I then put down a small holding deposit to reserve the diamond on the wholesale market and collected the diamond from the exchange when I visited Dubai on vacation. I compared the price I was given against loads of other online retailers and found that the savings I made actually paid for my vacation in Dubai! Buying tax free directly from the exchange really does work…………A really great experience and a free vacation "